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Conjured Cardea-An Authentic, Full-Service Botanica

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Welcome! Lagniappe with in each package! Lagniappe is the gulf coast practice of a gift with purchase. Conjured Cardea offers authentic, hand made, wild-harvested, spiritual supplies for Vodou, Hoodoo, Santeria, Folk Magic, Spiritualist, and all Craft practitioners. I ship as quickly as I can and to anywhere in the world! All major credit cards are accepted. Gift wrap is available upon request. How can I serve you today?

I'm joining Zibbet from Etsy where I had over 30,000 sales in under 3 years with over 17,000 positive feedbacks!

Please stop by blog to learn more about me and my work:)

Good old fashioned workings are what you will find here! No fancy packaging just a lot of hard work passed down from my family to yours. All mojo bags are hand sewn, all powders are hand crushed and mixed, most herbs and roots are native, organically grown and harvested by me, and all oils are original, copyrighted recipes (except traditional oils like Van Van, etc.). I want you to know, I have spent half of my life learning and making these itemy. Any supplies that are not hand-made were acquired through reputable sources that my family has worked closely with for years. My descriptions will tell you of my research and experience with each item; I use these items myself and know the history behind them. You can't learn unless you have good information!

A portion of sales are donated to the Eleanor House and Food for The Poor-
If you find yourself in need, give first, then you will receive.

-If you are a single parent with at least one child in your household, contact me prior to your order for a coupon code that will give you a non-expiring 10% discount on any order.

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