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Hello, my name is Stephanie and I am a life-long artist. I have been working in glass for 5 years. I enjoy the almost magical behavior of glass, as well as the amazing depth of color, shine, and luster possible in the finished product.

I currently reside in Ohio with my husband and daughter, as well as our two cats. I spent a good portion of my life in the Navy, and now enjoy every day that I am able to create.

As you look around my store, please be aware that glass, while beautiful, can be dangerous. I do not recommend glass as a gift for children. Also due to lighting and differences in computer monitors, the colors you are seeing on the screen may vary slightly from the actual piece. I do my best using a color calibration system and professional software to ensure the colors are as close to life as possible. Your monitor may not be calibrated once a month as mine is and could portray a piece slightly differently.

Finally, the glasses I use have a multitude of amazing properties including translucency, reflectiveness, and silvering. I photograph my pieces with a lot of light, more than would be found in the average room in a home. This brings out a lot of detail, some of which may not be readily apparent in low light. In brighter light and sunlight however, the colors will glow and shine as they should.

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