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Hello and welcome to my shop. Thank you for stopping by for a visit.

Although I have written my own poetry since middle school, doodled little images my entire life and went to school for graphic design.. I never -fully- dived in and expressed myself in art until 2008 when I was brought into an art project and had a wonderful experience.

Time travel.. To the end of November 2009. While staying in Edmonton.. I had no fever, yet I felt a fiery spark of inspiration light within me. I had a few available canvases and some primary colored paints ..Those paints found their way onto canvas.

Now: I have continue to paint for the sheer fun of it. I experiment with colors, ideas and images in my mind.. just to see what will happen. I recently opened up a Zibbet shop to see if others are interested in my creations.

Shop Sections..
Original ACEO Paintings: Currently all paintings are created with acrylic paint.
ACEO Doodles: Dollar Doodles.. From random pens to colored pencils, these pieces are always one dollar.

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