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Welcome to my store :)
Through art we feel the Divine, the indescribable and blissful connection to Spirit, and it is where I become, with every brush stroke, whole and complete. Painting for me is like is who I truly am and the best way I can express what's in my heart, and I'm delighted to share my passion with you here.

The Divine Feminine, this sacred energy we call the Goddess, has embraced me for many years now and is an energy of such beauty, nurture and healing that once experienced will never leave you. This feminine aspect of the Divine has many faces; she moves, walks and breathes through me, and I am compelled to express this experience on to the canvas, so that I may share it ,with the intention of offering you healing, empowerment, beauty and spiritual connection. Whether it be having the channeled energy of an original painting on your wall to be inspired and empowered from, or a small greeting card and candle on your side table or altar......a piece of jewelry to remind you of this constant energy, or a scarf to sensually caress and embrace your body......there is something for everyone, a gift created for you, from the images and energy of my original paintings. It is my wish that my works offer you the healing, connection, empowerment and strength that you may be searching for, or called to embrace.

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