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RED ROOT - Small Giclee Signed Print

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This is a Giclee Fine Art print on archival paper by a digital direct scan of the original fine art and is the best you will find anywhere. These are signed limited edition prints and the reproduction and detail on them is breathtaking. Will be shipped in tube or flat.

Red governs the Root or 1st chakra, situated at the base of the spine. It represents vitality, courage, relationship to the material world and stability. It is where the Kundalini energy resides. The Kundalini is symbolized by a coiled serpent that slowly makes its way up the spine towards the crown chakra, symbolizing the unlimited and un-manifested potential. "Red Root" is the expression of the 'essence' of the color RED in particular its association with this chakra. It speaks of the manifestation of the spirit into matter and of the passion, physical intensity and energy that this evokes. 'Red Root' connects us to our roots into Mother Earth. Red is an energy that vibrates earthiness, animal essence and physical passion.


Giclee fine art print on archival paper.

Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions: (in | cm) H: 16 in
W: 8 in
Weight: ( lb | kg ) 0.5 lb

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