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Leatheroid Wrap Bracelet: black imitation leather with silver-coloured clasp and angel wing


This wrap-around bracelet consists of a single long length of black, braided leatheroid (imitation leather) which fastens with a simple, silver coloured lobster-claw clasp. The bracelet finishes with a tiny angel-wing charm in antiqued silvertone.

This is a simple, unisex, and very practical design. I tend to think of it as a bracelet for people who don’t like bracelets.
It does not feel like a bracelet: it doesn’t slide around on your wrist, it doesn’t jingle or chatter, and it doesn’t clatter or clack when it knocks against things. It is easy to wear because it bends with your movements, and flattens itself comfortably under your wrist when you are typing, rather than pressing lumpily against your wrist and scraping against the desk. Ordinarily I never wear bracelets, because they get in the way of what my hands are doing, but I wear my copy of this bracelet all day, every day – even in bed.
Because it can be made to sit further up on the wrist, like a cuff bracelet, it stays tidily out of the way. Alternatively, it can be worn low on the wrist, as shown in the photographs.

Unfortunately the cord ends and clasp are plated with nickel, so people who are allergic to nickel will not be comfortable wearing this bracelet.
A gold version of this bracelet is also available here in my Zibbet shop. Single-wrap and triple-wrap are also available here in my Zibbet shop.

Very few jewellery items are suitable for wearing in water, and this bracelet is no exception. Take it off when you shower or swim – but you can put it straight back on again and leave it on all night!

The standard length for these bracelets is 160cm, which wraps nine times around a 16.5cm wrist. You can adjust the size of the bracelet to some extent by varying the number of times you wrap it around your wrist; however, this will of course also make the bracelet sit more loosely or more tightly. A custom length bracelet can be requested; simply send me a message via the 'Contact SilverlightJewellery' link below. To get an idea of how long you want your bracelet to be, wrap a dressmaker's measuring tape around your wrist however many times you want the bracelet to wrap, being sure that the part of the tape that you are holding meets the beginning of the tape (because both ends of the leatheroid must meet so that the bracelet can be clasped). Alternatively, use a piece of cord to wrap around you wrist, then measure the cord.
I can also add an extension chain (at no charge) if you want to be able to control precisely how the bracelet will fit. The chain will be relatively short, so that there is not a long tail of chain dangling from the bracelet, but it will allow you to adjust the fit with greater precision. One of the photographs shows the extension chain. If you would like an extension chain on your bracelet, simply leave a message in the 'notes to SilverlightJewellery' field that will appear when you check out of Zibbet.

The leatheroid may stretch slightly over time, which simply means that it will sit a little bit further up your arm. Over time, it will also shape itself to your wrist, so that it sits more and more comfortably.

For shipping and returns policies, and other information, please see the ‘read this shop’s policies’ link below.

Silverlight Jewellery ... soft gothic.

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