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About Zibbet

Zibbet is a global marketplace, connecting buyers and sellers of Handmade Goods, Fine Art, Vintage Items and Crafting Supplies.

The Idea

The idea for Zibbet was initially born out of a desire to create an eBay alternative for Artisans. Jonathan (Zibbet's founder), saw first-hand how hard it was to sell your creative products. From seeing his Grandma stop selling her crocheted handicrafts at the local market, because it was "too cold" and "not worth it", to seeing his wife's cousin stop selling her paintings on eBay, because it was too expensive to list and weren't selling at a worthwhile price. He knew that there had to be a better way.

Jonathan says, "eBay's success is largely attributed to it's attractiveness to buyers as a place to find almost anything, at bargain prices. Popular for its bidding style, we saw that many beautiful handmade items that would have taken hours and hours to create, sold for next to nothing. How sad! We wanted to create a marketplace where Artisans could list their quality, handmade products for a fixed price, rather than an auction style, and sell them for a price that made all the time and love that went into creating that item, worth it."

With little more than a rough idea of how the site might work in their minds, and virtually no money in their pockets to make it happen, Jonathan Peacock & Andrew Gray (Zibbet founders), started work on the Zibbet site which went live on the 5th February, 2009.

The Name

The name Zibbet was fashioned in the first 2 weeks of the concept starting and stems from the word exhibit. It was chosen as a catchy and easy name for people to remember and pass on.

Many great milestones have come and gone since that first planning meeting in October 2007 to the point where the Zibbet team continues to expand in line with the influence that Zibbet has with artisans from every part of the globe. The Zibbet name is fast becoming known as the one for artisans to trust as the online platform to serve their creative expression and promotion.

The Team

Jonathan Peacock, CEO and Founder of

Vision. Innovation. Strategy.

Jonathan oversees and manages the day to day operations of Zibbet. He is constantly working on ways to improve both the buying and selling experience on the site by implementing new and innovative ideas (most of them suggested by the sellers in our community). Jonathan is also responsible for marketing and developing the Zibbet brand. Connecting buyers and sellers is of the highest importance. He has a clear vision for the future of Zibbet and is armed with the strategy and commitment to get there.

Andrew Gray, Director and Co-founder of

Creativity. Ideas. Motivation.

Andrew is a perfect example of someone you would call an ‘ideas man’. He is forever coming up with creative new ideas and initiatives for Zibbet. He is both a motivator and a motivated individual. As co-founder, he shares the same clear vision that our founder, Jonathan, has. And that is to see Zibbet become the premier destination for buying creative, handmade works. And at the same time, provide sellers with a great looking shop front, industry-leading tools for their promotional needs, and the best value for money.

Jess Telford, Lead Developer

Smart. Efficient. Invaluable.

Jess is Zibbet's lead site developer and is the person responsible for building and implementing all the new and exciting seller tools, such as Shop Customization, Widgets, Rearrange Your Shop etc etc, PLUS there is so much more to come. On top of that he works to improve current site features and the overall buying experience. Jess is smart, efficient and an extremely valuable member of our team.