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Merry meet. Magick is here - the magic of a garden, wiccan and pagan botanicals and totem jewellery-

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We are wildcrafters in the beautiful Pipestone Valley in Saskatchewan Canada.
We ethically and judicially harvest the herbs, barks, roots, seeds and flowers, prudently taking only what is needed- balancing our current needs with the future of the eco-system to not only sustain growth but to allow it to flourish.
All are harvested with respect whether it be plant or animal with gratitude to Mother Earth for providing such bounty to us.
We harvest by hand so only the plants needed are taken. By hand- harvesting and manual-threshing only the most viable seeds are taken.
We gather mostly from the wild, but are currently starting to semi-cultivate wild herbs and flowers organically. As we grow older the hills get steeper and higher.
Recently Sietse has added a conservatory/solarium/greenhouse to the south side of the house......17' x 32'...three stories high! It helps heat the house in the winter but more important, allows us a longer growing season for many plants. Our tropicals and exotics now have a home of their own and thrive!
It allows many more opportunities for Sietse's project of cross-pollinating to get a new and unique flower colors and types.
We grow medicinal as well as "garden" herbs; ever working to expand our crop and our knowledge of the native plants and medicines.

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