Fantastic Five: The Colors of the Rainbow

This week Zibbet has a special treat, a Fantastic Five written by Sunfire who is the owner and editor of Zibbet Exhibits where you will find a weekly exhibit of arts and crafts from, sometimes selected by volunteer Zibbeters.

Sunfire wrote:

My favorite part of spring is the beauty created by the Continue reading »

Featured Zibbeter - HappyMooseGardenArt

It’s time to plant your garden and we have just the Zibbet shop featured today to help you make your garden bright and cheerful. Joanne Culbreth from Neptune Beach, Florida, USA has her shop filled with hand painted flower pots and garden art.

At Happy Moose Garden Art you will also find hand painted vases, baby shower and wedding favors, trinket and jewelry dishes, and her delightful Continue reading »

Heartbleed Security Update

There is a lot of talk of late about serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library, known as Heartbleed.

SSL protects private information that is transmitted over the internet. This vulnerability is serious and has affected a number of websites.

Our team has investigated and you’ll be Continue reading »

Success on Zibbet - Using Tumblr for Your Creative Business

As a creative business owner you may or may not be familiar with the social media site Tumbr. Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform that is gaining speed quickly with more than 150 million blogs signed up with Tumblr and more are joining every day. Statistics like that show that all businesses big or small should definitely be using Tumblr to help promote their brand and their company image.

Continue reading »

Fantastic Five: Everything Is Just Ducky

Spring has been here with us for over a week now in the United States, but some parts of the country are still getting snow or waiting for the snow to melt. Has Spring arrived where you live?

Spring brings Easter and new life like the original painting of the new baby duckling in the main photo by Enchanted Craft, titled “Everything is Just Ducky.” If it is cold where you live, hang in there Continue reading »

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