Fantastic Five: Let’s Go Fishing

I’ve had fishing on mind ever since my recent trip to Missouri where I met a fellow Zibbeter in person for the first time. Tami showed me her favorite, lucky fishing hole. I can’t tell you where. It’s a secret. The main photo titled Gone Fishing in this Fantastic Five reminded me of my friend and her fishing hole.

Fishing is a sport the whole family can enjoy together. Continue reading »

Featured Zibbeter - BethiesCards

Who doesn’t love to get a card in the mail?! A “real” card made with paper. Not the kind where you type out a quick “happy birthday” on Facebook.

Bethie’s Cards are just so adorable and so many to choose from!  Elisabeth Hanscom of Bessemer, Alabama, USA is the creator of these fabulous greeting cards for all occasions.

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Fantastic Five: Knit-Stitch-Crochet

Some crafters knit or crochet but don’t sew.  Some sew and do not knit. So what do you get your knitting, crocheting or sewing addicted friend, aunt, grandmother for a gift?

The fabric crochet needle case and 3 wooden crochet hooks in the main photo would make a lovely gift for a friend who knits because as you will read every knitter needs a few crochet needles.

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Featured Zibbeter - BonniesCinematheque

Lora Radloff, artist, designer, of Bonnies Cinematheque in Berlin, Germany believes in miracles. Lora lives in a magical world of cinema and traveling. She loves fantasy and in the future her humble wish is to be a wizard.

We think you’ll love her shop. The photography is beautiful. Her work is amazing. You’ll find shawls, scarves, ponchos, Continue reading »

Success On Zibbet - 10 Success Tips for Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great way to increase your reach beyond who you know and the people that know about your creative business. Remember that game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”? Well if you don’t this was  a game that purports the idea that everyone is connected by six degrees of separation. You could find a path from any actor to Kevin Bacon in six degrees or less.

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