Get Yourself a FREE Premium Account FOR LIFE!

If you just got yourself a FREE Premium Account FOR LIFE, you’d be jumping for joy too!

Our Premium Accounts have so many fantastic features and are already a bargain at $7/month (limited time).  Since launching our Premium Accounts (6 weeks ago) we’ve already added the ability to ‘copy an existing listing’ (saving you a heap of time), and we’ve recently launched ‘Sales Mode’ (allowing you to easily reduce the price of all items in your shop, by a given %).  These two features are great, but the best part is…WE’RE JUST GETTING STARTED!  There’s so many ‘Premium Seller Only’ features in the works, with COUPONS being next on the list.


For every person you refer who joins at a Premium level, we’ll take $1 off your monthly membership fees, FOR LIFE. For a limited time, our Premium Accounts are only $7/month. Therefore, you just need to refer 7 friends and you’ve got yourself a Free Premium Account…FOR LIFE!

REMEMBER…you don’t need to wait until you’ve referred all 7 people to see the benefits.  We’re giving you $1 off your monthly membership for EACH PERSON you refer.  You’re INSTANTLY REWARDED for your efforts!

When referring people, you must use your unique Referral Link to be credited for your referrals.  You can find yours by logging into your account and clicking on the ‘Referral Program’ page.

Please note that BOTH Basic and Premium Sellers CAN participate in the Referral Program.


    We’ve generated a special Coupon Code for you to give to people, which allows them to have a FREE 7 Day Trial of our Premium Account.  They can simply cancel within the 7 days and they won’t pay us a cent.  It’s a great way to encourage more sign-ups.  Here’s the code: FREETRIAL

    Social Media is sooo powerful.  Many of you have access to 1000’s of friends through your various social networks, whether that be Facebook, MySpace, Twitter etc etc.  Start spreading the word about Zibbet (using your referral link) through these social sites and you’ll soon have your Free Premium Account .  Remember, in order to be successful in social media you MUST create relationships.  There’s a right and a wrong way to use social media.  We go into more detail about ‘the right way’ in this article on ‘how to use Twitter effectively’.
    Many sellers ALREADY have their Free Premium Account due to posting in forums they participate regularly in.  When posting in forums you must be careful to adhere to the sites terms of use.

    Please don’t SPAM forums with your referral link.  It’s annoying!

    There are many low-cost advertising options out there.  They’re well worth looking into for both advertising your Referral Link and even advertising your Zibbet Shop.  Here’s a list of options with links to more info about each:

    • Google Adwords - This is by far the best low-cost advertising option.  You can choose how much you wish to pay each time your ad gets clicked and you can set your own daily budget. Highly recommended.
    • Facebook Ads - Same concept as Google.  Make sure you choose to ‘pay per click’, not ‘per impression’ (same goes for Google Adwords). You’ll get more value for money.
    • Project Wonderful
    • AdRoll

    There are plenty of others, but this is definitely a good starting point.

    Many of you run your own successful blogs and have some really devoted readers.  If you’re one of these people, the best way to get referrals is by writing a ‘review’ of Zibbet and posting on your blog.  We can even generate a special Free 7 Day Trial ‘coupon code’ (the coupon code can say whatever you want it to say) especially for your readers.  Just email us.

    Here’s an example of a great review, by ‘The Australian Etsy Blog’.  She already has ‘her’ Free Premium Account, so she’s changed the links in the post to reflect her friends referral link, thereby giving her friend the referral credit.  What a great friend!

We hope this helps to ‘fast track’ you to a FREE Premium Shop FOR LIFE!  Feel free to share your successes and/or failures below.  If you have any other ways you like to promote your referral link, please feel free to share that below as well!

Remember, YOU can always take advantage of the Free 7 Day Trial of our Premium Account, by clicking the ‘Upgrade My Account’ link in ‘My Zibbet’, and entering the coupon code: FREETRIAL.  We’re sure once you’ve tried it, you’ll agree that $7/month is a BARGAIN!

FREE IS ALWAYS BETTER….so get out there and start telling your friends!!  :)

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5 Responses to “Get Yourself a FREE Premium Account FOR LIFE!”

  1. AKjapan

    I hope this attracts more sellers to Zibbet. I noticed that the banners for blogs etc. have the referral code in them so that makes linking very easy. I would be interested in hearing feedback from those who’ve had success with this.

  2. ClocksByMe

    I thought I did his a couple of days ago, but perhaps I didn’t finish it. I also put it on Twitter and I think a LOT of people saw it. I probably missed out on my 7. But maybe it will get Zibbet some new sellers. I have a very good feeling about Zibbet.

  3. Mamasakio

    It does work. I think I only wrote one post on my blog - and I only just starting blogging - about selling on Zibbet. I referred sellers using the referral link.

  4. NiftyKnits

    I only signed up yesterday and changed all my regular project wonderful ads to my zibbet referral link. I’ve already had several new people sign up, though none have gone premium yet. Very exciting!

  5. ElegantHobbies

    I’ve also just joined and posted on my blog the referral button’s and am seeing a bit of trafic.. This is a very cool site…

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