Widgets Galore!

Last week I shared some basic information about what widgets are and how you can use them to enhance the functionality of your Zibbet shop. In review, a widget is a small program that, once installed, will run automatically on a web page. Games, clocks, currency converters, badges and advertisements are just a few examples of the many types of widgets available for you to choose from. You can also feed updates from your blog and Twitter account to your shop’s FP.

A recent Google search for “widget” found “about 79,000,000″ web pages. The possibilities are virtually endless! As you browse the web for widgets to install in your Zibbet Premium shop, it’s important to stay focused and select widgets that will improve the buying experience for individuals visiting your shop.

I encourage you to include badges in your shop for the social networking sites where you spend time. I’ve found it to be a bit of a challenge at times to find the starting place for creating the badge code that I need on those sites. So to help you “cut to the chase” here is some basic information to get you started.

On Facebook, the Create a Profile Badge link is located on the lower left side of your Profile page. Visit Facebook Badges for more information.

Twitter “follow” buttons are available directly from Twitter (you’ll be prompted to log in if you aren’t already) as well as from a variety of other online sources including TwitterButtons and TwitterIcon. Search Google for twitter button to find even more! Visit the official Twitter Help Center for more information about Twitter badges and widgets.

If you are a member of Zibbet’s Community Hub, log in and scroll to the bottom of any page. There you will find the Badge link. And if you are a Zibbeter and you’ve not yet joined ZCH, there’s no time like the present!

If you are a member of Indiepublic, log in and scroll down the Main page. The badge link is on the lower right side of the page.

If you are a member of My Craft Corner, log in and scroll down to the bottom of any page. There you will find the Badge link.

Here are some links to sites that provide widgets that will add functionality to your Zibbet Premium shop:

Currency Converter For more currency converter widgets, search Google for currency converter.

Flag Counter For a variety of “hit counter” options, search Google for hit counter.

Clocks For more clock widgets, search Google for clock widget.

Bravenet offers a variety of free and subscription-based tools and services, including mailing lists to facilitate the sending of newsletters. Installing a mailing list widget in your shop will make it easy for your customers to subscribe to your newsletter if they choose.

If you have a Flickr account, you may like this really cool Flickr widget to share your photos. Placing a Flickr widget on your blog is a great way to share photos of your items to potential customers. Although you can add a music widget to your shop, before you do be sure to read 10 Reasons Why Websites Should Not Play Music.

WidgetBox is a popular source for a variety of widgets, including those for sending your blog’s RSS feed to your Zibbet shop. WidgetBox has created a video, titled What’s a Widget? which provides a quick overview of widgets. I think that you’ll find this video to be a nice review of the information you’ve learned about widgets.

Many of the widgets discussed here can be customized in a variety of ways. For your widget to be displayed properly, make sure that it will fit in the space allowed. Widgets placed in the right column of your shop’s FP cannot be wider than 205 pixels. Widgets placed at the bottom of the page cannot be wider than 880 pixels.

If the widget customization allows you to select your own colors, it’s easy to match them exactly to your shop’s custom color scheme. Simply grab the six-digit hex codes from the Choose Colors screen in your shop. The codes are found in the column to the left of the color preview. Select and copy the code that you need and then paste it into the appropriate space in the widget configuration screen. If the widget configuration asks for an RGB code instead of the six-digit hex code, the code can easily be converted at javascripter.net.

Now that you know where to find some really useful widgets, it’s time to learn how to actually add or install a widget in your Premium Zibbet shop. I’ve used Facebook as an example. However, each widget source will follow a slightly different process for actually generating the widget code. Most are very straight forward and easy to follow. Once you have the code, the instructions for adding a widget to your shop are the same for all widgets.

To create a badge for your Facebook business page:

Click the Create a Profile Badge link on the lower left side of your Facebook profile page.

On the Profile Badges page click Page Badges.

A list of all of the pages that you administer will appear. Click the Other button for the page that you want to create a badge.

A box containing the code for your badge will appear. Click once in the box containing the code to select it. To copy the code, choose Copy from your browser’s Edit menu or press Ctr-C (PC) or Command-C (Mac) on your keyboard.

If you want to customize the appearance of your badge, click the Edit this Badge link before you create and copy the code.

When you’re happy with the appearance of your badge, click Save.

Click Other to generate your badge code and then select and copy the code.

To install your Facebook badge (or any widget for that matter) in your shop:

Log in to your Zibbet Premium shop if you aren’t logged in already. On your My Zibbet page, click Customize Your Shop. Click the Widgets tab.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the +Add New Widget link.

A blank widget box will appear. Click in the box labeled Widget Code. Paste your Facebook badge code into this box. To paste the code, choose Paste from your browser’s Edit menu or press Ctr-V (PC) or Command-V (Mac) on your keyboard. Adding a title is optional.

You have the option of having your widget appear on the right side or bottom of your shop’s FP. Select the desired location from the Position drop down menu.

When you have completed your widget’s set up, click the Save Changes button. To see your widget, click your shop’s URL in the upper right corner of the page.

Your widget should now be visible on your shop’s FP.

Please note that there are three widgets pictured in the screen shot above. The first two are clock widgets-one showing LOC Design Studio Time and the other showing Zibbet Time. For both clock widgets, I entered a title in the widget set up. I left the title blank for the Facebook badge. What you see for all three widgets is the execution of the code that was pasted into the Widget Code boxes.

To reorder your widgets, return to your Widgets page and click and drag the gray bar on the right side of the widget that you want to move. Drop the widget in the desired location. In the screen shot below, you can see that I have moved the Facebook badge to appear between my two clock widgets.

After saving this change, my shop FP now looks like this:

To delete a widget, click the Delete link for that widget. Don’t forget to click the Save Changes button before leaving your widget page!

I hope that you now have a better understanding of widgets–what they are, where to find them and how to add them to your Premium Zibbet shop.  I also hope that you will take some time to customize your shop with the addition of a widget or two!

Best wishes for much success on Zibbet!

Gear coaster photo from The Painted Lily on Zibbet.

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12 Responses to “Widgets Galore!”

  1. bentrealm

    That’s a good article you’ve added here! Should be really useful to all premium sellers. I thought I ought to mention though that widgetboxes terms of service are against using their widgets for commercial reasons so as sellers it’s important to really be sure it’s not a commercial use, though I imagine that it probably is…, it was that clause that made me find an alternative to getting my blog fed onto my website.

    The thing I found is http://rssinclude.com it’s basically for getting any feed into a widget. It should also be a good temporary fix for getting our shop feeds onto our websites and myspace pages and such until the zibbet shop window is ready.

  2. milesoftextiles

    Thank you for posting all this information, Vicki. I always enjoy reading your articles. I did install a currency converter to my front page last night. Really like it!


  3. CatyAnn

    Great post Vicki. Think I’ll go post some more “widgets” :)


  4. GrandmothersHouse

    Vicki, this is just outstanding and all-inclusive information. Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together.

    Grandmother Carolyn

  5. ThreeFrenchHens

    Thanks, Vicki … I’ll have to check out the Currency Converter widgets available. The one I had keeps giving me an error message saying something about a conversion error.

    Another great article, Vicki … as per usual♥

    xo Karen

  6. DaintieDesigns

    Great explanation! Thanks Vicki. There are great tips here as ususal. Keep up the great job!

  7. storybeader

    I copied the text from facebook and saved it, but it didn’t show up. Do you have to have a premium shop. The “add new widget” is available in my “customize your shop” but I don’t have a premium account.

  8. storybeader

    whoops. sorry, didn’t see: You must have a Premium Account to save changes on this page.

  9. NancesKniftyKnits

    I just printed this out so I can refer to it while I get things added to my shop. Thank you for posting all of this.

  10. CliffordManthey

    This surely helped get me going in the right direction in Zibbet.
    I surely was impressed with all the great sites. I was able to Link Zibbet on a number of sites today.
    This helps all of us the more links the better.
    Adding to my toolbar helps to add articles and items of other sellers.
    I felt I had the majority of the sites prior to coming to Zibbet.

  11. CozyWrap

    FYI, WidgetBox will be closing March 28, 2014…. All of the widgets from them will no longer work after that….

    New to Zibbet and so excited to be apart of this community!

    Sharon Smith

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