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The main reason for listing items is to sell them. It goes without saying that if an item isn’t listed it can’t be sold from your Zibbet shop. So why am I stating the obvious? More than once I’ve heard a seller say that when sales increase on Zibbet they will list more. One of the best things we all can do to help increase sales is to list more now rather than later! The fact is, by listing more individually, we help each other sell more collectively. Let’s take a look at how listing more today will increase the possibility of generating more sales tomorrow…

  • Each item listed generates a new page for the Zibbet site. Each page is indexed separately by search engines such as Google, which increases the number of opportunities for Zibbet pages to show up in Google searches. This will increase organic buyer traffic to Zibbet. More traffic will lead to increased sales.
  • As sales increase, so will the number of repeat buyers. Repeat buyers are likely to refer their friends to the shops where they have made purchases and to Zibbet in general.
  • Greater promotion of more listed items through Zibbet’s ‘Share’ feature will also generate more traffic from sites such as Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon.  These sites are some of the biggest referrers to Zibbet.
  • An attractively presented marketplace consisting of shops with “full shelves” is much more appealing to buyers than sparsely stocked shops. Think about how desolate a brick and mortar shop looks during and after a big sale before the shelves have been restocked. I don’t know about you, but I will walk right past that shop looking for one that offers a greater variety of merchandise choices. Fully stocked shops also provide impulse shoppers with more items to browse and hopefully find that item that they just can’t live without!

Zibbet receives an average of 0.25 visits/month/active listing. With 80,000 active listings that translates to 20,000 organic visits per month from Google alone. On average each of those visits are visiting 6 item pages on the site, therefore 120,000 pageviews per month based on the current amount of active listings.

Currently, approximately 10% of Zibbet’s total traffic is organic. As the number of Zibbet pages increases, it is reasonable to expect the average number of visits per month per listing to increase and consequently the percentage of total traffic that is organic will also increase.

It’s clear that listing more items is in every Zibbet seller’s best interest. With that said, I’d like to issue a couple of “listing challenges.” First, I challenge every Basic shop to list the maximum of 50 items. Second, I challenge every Premium shop to list at least 200 items. Just last week, the total count for active shops (those with at least one active listing) was 3,222. If all of those shops were Basic and each had 50 items listed, Zibbet would have 161,100 active listings right now. If all of those shops were Premium and each had 200 items listed, Zibbet would have 644,400 items listed now! Of course, those 3,222 shops are a mix of Basic and Premium accounts so the number of listings would be somewhere between 161,100 and 644,400 items. I hope you can see the significance of everyone contributing as many listings to the total as possible. To those of you who have met or exceeded these challenges already, I thank you!  On another note, it’s also beneficial for you to promote Zibbet to your crafty friends.  More sellers = more items!

Speaking of challenges, I’m excited to announce Zibbet’s new listing competition. Zibbet will select two shops at random to receive FREE lifetime Premium accounts as soon as the total number of active listings reaches 150,000! Every active item listed will be an entry into the competition. The more items you have listed, the more chances you have of being randomly selected to receive a FREE Premium account. A search for ALL ITEMS will allow you to monitor the number of items listed at any point in time. This competition is one more reason to get busy listing even more great items!

Best wishes for much success on Zibbet!

When I get tired of shopping from Art That Sticks on Zibbet

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32 Responses to “List to Sell!”

  1. RWestDesigns

    Wow that’s alot of numbers!! Really great information,and definitely something to work towards in our shops! Great post Vicki!

  2. AllAboutTheButtons

    True! True! True! And boy, would I love to have a 2nd shop!

  3. splurge

    Excellent challenges! It’s all about building momentum in your shop and on Zibbet as a whole.

  4. madeonfifthstreet

    Sweet! I am off to list more right now!!!

  5. ariamy

    Now that is a challenge, lol.

  6. PortableGraffiti

    Whenever a button sold off that big 4 foot circle seen in my avatar at the left, my mother, bless her heart, would say, “Fill it in! If they can’t see it, they can’t buy it.” Soon as a button sold when we were at shows, she’d call out for a replacement. She said, “If they can’t see it, they can’t buy it” at least a million times throughout the years of 1979-1990 when I did shows and she came to help. Her words still ring in my head.

    That’s because when a show that lasts for only 10 days and you have paid $2,000 for that speck of dirt to stand on to sell your goods, every second of the show counts big-time. My mother worried whether I could sell enough $1.50 buttons to cover the $2,000 rent for that 10 days and still go home with a profit.

    Selling on line I think in those terms, also. If they can’t see it, they can’t buy it. So as soon as a button sells if I have more of them, I list it again right away. Don’t need my mother yelling down at me from the heavens telling me, FILL IT IN! If they can’t see it, they can’t buy it!”

    If making your rent on Zibbet ever concerns you, like the rent at the shows concerned my mother, you can use my mom’s sage advice, which is the same as what Vicki wrote in her article. Fill the shop up to the max, because if they can’t see it, they can’t buy it.

  7. LOCDesignStudio

    Any retailer will give you the same advice that Judy just shared. I currently work two days per week at a retail shop that sells logo items for a beach resort. As soon as an item sells, we are replacing it with another. When we get down to only a few of a particular item in inventory, they go on the sale rack. That way customers don’t see a couple of lonely items in the midst of shelves of fully stock items. They look like “left overs” if that happens. A sparsely stocked online shop may also send that message to potential buyers, which is not very inviting! List, list, list!

  8. BaubleBin

    Gosh darn… I just listed 226 items into my new BaubleBin over the weekend and yesterday… I have another 100 or so go list within the next few days. Isn’t it just typical that the contest begins today instead of late last week? Drat!!! Faye Goode of the new Bauble Bin and Woodoct Designs

  9. heartsabustin

    Listing away - how cool is this? :D

    “If they can’t see it, they can’t buy it” I think that’s awesome advice. Thanks!

  10. sisoi

    I’m going to list more items right now.

  11. slavetobeads

    Listing is my least favorite thing to do but will get busy listing. Thanks!

  12. LOCDesignStudio


    All of your listings will count in the competition. Keep ‘em coming!


  13. umeorigami

    So great to see people listing! (I pulled out my photo box and I will hopefully join the frenzy soon with a few new origami dolls!)

    200 is a bit much in my line of work, but I will push forward nonetheless!

  14. goodkarmajewelries

    Oh wow! this is definitely a challenge. We were planning to close down our Zibbet shop because we were not selling as much as we do direct from our website. And we would have maximized the donations we will be sending to the cause we were supporting instead of paying it for our monthly rent here. Now, this is a thing to consider. Wish we’d be one of the two winners.

  15. bhbkidstyle

    Wow, that is a challenge! Not necessarily the 200 items but the SEO wording. Coming up with 200 different t-shirt design all of a sudden is impossible for so I have to play with similar designs listed in different sizes. And that is where SEO comes in, puts its feet down and says: NO, no!!! :)

    But I’m glad there isn´t a strick time limit, Vicky! :D

  16. LOCDesignStudio


    LOL! I understand that 200 listings is not a reasonable expectation for all shops. It’s only a target to shoot for at some point in the future. Please set a goal for yourself that is comfortable and fits with the nature of the products that you create.

    Speaking of SEO, another reason for adding new listings is that search engines like new content. By listing new items on a regular basis, we are making the search engines happy!

    Best wishing for much success on Zibbet!


  17. MrsSupply

    I think it’s a fantastic challenge! I am up for it! I love a good challenge! Thanks for another great one Vicki!

    Best wishes to all in the challenge= Happy Lisiting!

  18. PetitPoulailler

    Judy and Vicki, exactly right! I had a brick and mortar and, when my mother would visit, she would work her magic on the front display windows. HOW that woman got all the stuff in the window display and have it look wonderful is absolutely beyond me! (great article, as per usual, Vicki ♥)

    xo karen

  19. SuzanneMedrano

    I just took the year deal and will see how it goes. I will be taking advantage of the importer to get most of my new inventory listed. The more we collectively list, the better chance a zibbet item will appear in search results, hopefully bringing new shoppers to browse. There is so much to do!

  20. abracadebra

    Once again, another thought provoking post from Vicki. I have known for a while now that I have to get off of my behind and list more. Well, actually first I have to create more. This article is exactly what I needed to finally get motivated. Thank you Vicki.
    -Debbie (Abracadebra)

  21. LOCDesignStudio


    You are most welcomed! I’m glad to help motivate you to move forward!


  22. WhiteleafJewellery

    Just thought that you all might be interested to know that my sales have gone up in the past two weeks, plus I’ve been featured in three different ArtFire Collections - and I think it’s simply because I’ve listed more, on all three of the sites where I sell.
    I noticed that my shop views surged when I started on Twitter, but my sales didn’t. I’ve sold more because I’ve listed more.
    Vicki knows whereof she speaks, and I knew it too (’cause it is obvious: more product listed = more sales) … but sometimes I need a helpful shove from someone else! Thank you, Vicki.

  23. UniqueCandles

    Thank you for this post. The numbers are amazing, your post is certainly motivating. As listing seems to be time consuming to me, I keep plugging away at them. After all, I joined Zibbet in hopes of sales. And I have found everyone to be very helpful and friendly.

  24. Sophisticatedfun

    I have listed about 250 new items-really hoping to get a sale or at least some traffic in my shop. I am really starting to get discouraged. I have been here since March and nothing so far.

  25. joyforbeading

    I am most thankful to Zibbet for the opportunity to have a shop online, but I am also very discouraged. I have sold 7 items - to relatives. I know that it is not Zibbet’s fault that I have not sold more. I just wonder what is wrong? Do I present the wrong kind of jewelry, is it over-priced, are the photos not clear enough? I would appreciate some suggestions.

  26. Heavenlyprincess

    Just curious, is this still happening? It appears as if zibbet still has not hit the goal number of listings.

  27. SofiSmart09

    I would love to have a lifetime shop at Zibbet!!

  28. PartyPeople

    WOW! Great article, great information!! I don’t even have 200 items, though. Literally 90% of my items began as custom creations (for customers who ask for a specific set) and I don’t have 200 items. :( I guess I could begin listing individual items….? Anyway, thank you for the very interesting read. :0)

  29. Snailtreasures

    I am listing more every day! What are the dates for this competition?


  30. JohnHarmonGallery

    Very good article. Well done! I’m not at 200 yet but getting closer.

  31. ArtsyCraftery

    My search just turned up 153952. I guess the 2 winners were picked some time ago. Congratulations. More listing for me to do :)

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