2010 Was a Very Good Year!

I recently celebrated the one year anniversary of my LOC Design Studio shop on Zibbet. I can truly say from first hand experience that 2010 was a very good year for Zibbet and Zibbet’s sellers! The growth and development of the venue has been incredible. The features that attracted me to Zibbet are even better today than they were a year ago. Let’s take a walk through 2010 and review the wonderful improvements, upgrades and additions that appeared this year…

The year began with the launch of Coupons and Gift Certificates in January. The Shopping Cart was launched in February. The addition of both of these features greatly improved the shopping experience on Zibbet and set the stage for many more great features to follow. Look for significant improvements to the shopping cart as 2011 progresses!

Additional improvements in the performance of the Zibbet site continued throughout the year. In response to a huge influx of traffic in March, changes were made to accommodate increased traffic. Server performance was tweaked several times in the months that followed to continue making the site faster and more reliable. Plans for 2011 include even more site performance enhancements.

Another significant functional improvement was the launch of a totally new Zibbet search engine. Zibbet’s search is now much more intuitive and is no longer restricted to finding items based on exact tag matches. In addition to searching each of the four product categories, shoppers can now also search for Items on Sale and Sellers. Using the search filters on the left side of the Buy page, shoppers can narrow their searches by price range, color or international destination. Search results are returned quickly and are displayed in relevancy order. Buyers have multiple sort options available including item price and age.

Listing items on Zibbet was simple and straight forward from the beginning. However, in 2010 sellers received even more great listing tools. Import tools for moving listings from both Etsy and Artfire were implemented. Zibbeters also now have the ability to export listing data to a CSV file, allowing those listings to be imported into any venue that provides a compatible import feature. The export feature is also a great way to keep a backup of your Zibbet listings which can also be used for keeping track of your shop’s inventory. Basic sellers can now list 50 items, which is a 100% increase! Premium sellers have eight slots for item photos compared to only four at the beginning of the year. A drag and drop tool for rearranging uploaded photos now makes quick work of getting photos in the perfect order. An expanded color palette is also available with four color choices allowed for each item instead of the previous one color. And just last week, Vacation Mode went live so that shops can be temporarily closed without having to unlist every item. The option to leave the shop open for sales but with automatic messages to buyers letting them know that there will be a delay in shipment of their purchases is also available.

Zibbeters were also gifted with a fantastic assortment of tools for making promotion more efficient. Share features for both items and shops were added, making it simple to promote an item or shop by way of e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon. RSS feeds were added to shops allowing updates to be sent automatically to blogs, Facebook and Twitter. Items are now automatically uploaded to thefind.com where 17 million shoppers browse each month. Premium sellers can select 25 items to be included in the new Gift Guides section. This feature was launched just in time for Christmas shopping and included an additional 25 spots per Premium seller to feature items specifically for Christmas. Zibbet has established a partnership with adroll.com to give new Premium shops free advertising dollars.

Functional improvements were accompanied by huge changes in Zibbet’s appearance. With the launch of the new search engine came a brand new Zibbet homepage. Take a look at Zibbet before and after:

Zibbet’s Community Hub also took off this year. I remember there being about 50 members when I discovered the Community in January 2010. Today, there are more than 1,350 members. Zibbet’s Community Hub consists of an active group of Zibbeters who are eager to welcome newcomers and offer a helping hand at every turn. The Community is a great place to meet Zibbeters who would like to meet you. If you’ve not discovered Zibbet’s Community Hub yet, I strongly encourage you to click on over there today to get acquanted!

Another great addition to Zibbet this year was the institution of an annual subscription option. Even at the monthly rate of $9.95 for a Premium shop, Zibbet is by far the best value around. However, the annual subscription price of $69 makes the deal even sweeter, coming in at $5.75 per month. To lock in at $69 per year for life you need to be one of the first 1000 subscribers because the price will increase for subscription 1001!

Two regular weekly Inspire posts began in 2010. On May 26 yours truly began posting in the Success on Zibbet section of Inspire. My motivation is to share information, from one Zibbeter to another, that will help enhance your chances of achieving success with your Zibbet shop. On July 26, 2010, a brand new column was introduced called Fantastic Five. Each week Brittni Wood features five great Zibbet items that fit a particular theme. Brittni’s Fantastic Five is a favorite stop for me each week as it is for many others.

Zibbet was fortunate to have Jess Telford return in October as Zibbet’s first full time developer. While employed part time at Zibbet, Jess was responsible for programming Coupons and Gift Certificates as well as Zibbet’s Shopping Cart. He has also participated in the development of many of the other new and improved features we’ve experienced in 2010. Not only is Jess a gifted programmer, he is also a super “people person” who participates in Zibbet’s Community Hub on a regular basis.

With all the great enhancements to Zibbet this year have also come lots of new sellers and buyers. Traffic to Zibbet has grown by 447.12% Year Over Year (YOY) while sales have grown by a whopping 1809.15% YOY. The size of the Zibbet site continues to grow as more sellers list more items which will in turn continue to lead to more traffic and more sales. Zibbet sellers have been an active part of Zibbet’s growth, promoting Zibbet both on and off line throughout the year. 2011 is destined to be even bigger and better!

There have been numerous additional small improvements and bug fixes throughout the year–too many to enumerate here. Be assured that the fantastic improvements we saw in 2010 are only the beginning. Many more wonderful things are on the docket for 2011. There’s no place like Zibbet!

Best wishes for much success on Zibbet!

Calendar photo from Corporate Eye

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16 Responses to “2010 Was a Very Good Year!”

  1. texaseagle

    Definitely a year to remember! Nice job covering the highlights Vicki! Congratulations to everyone that helped make 2010 and Zibbet so special! Here’s to 2011!
    Texas Eagle Gallery

  2. mcleodhandcraftgifts

    Thank you for all you do and thank you for helping Zibbeters improve their shops for successful online selling. I appreciate you !!

  3. AllAboutTheButtons

    And another wonderful addition to Zibbet was/is YOU!!! Thanks Vicki for all your effoerts.

  4. BarefootJJ

    Thanks Vicki! This is an awesome reminder of how far Zibbet has come and of course it is only looking UP UP UP!

  5. Egilpatr

    Please remember the great influx of 1000Markets refugees. We were looking for a beautiful new home, and found one here!

  6. MimiRob

    Well said! So glad to be a part of Zibbet!

  7. BaubleBin

    A wonderful trip down memory lane. We are indeed fortunate to have Jonathan, Jess, Vicki, and Brittni.

    A huge welcome to all the great people from 1000markets who have joined our group this year.

    We must not forget Judy who began the Zibbet Facebook Group where we seem to be having a lot of fun and try to help other group members promote their great products. We have come together in another Zibbet-friendly environment where we can ask all the stupid questions we want.

    Someone in our Zibbet Community Forums always readily jumps in to help us with any little glitches we might be having. I don’t know about you but I feel that on Zibbet someone always has my back.

    I have a funny story to tell… As a 70 year old rookie, green as grass, just less than a year ago when I decided to set up Woodcot Designs on Zibbet. I hadn’t the foggiest notion what I was doing!

    I somehow ended up in the Zibbet Community Hub and set up my member’s page. I thought that was my shop! :>))) Dumb, dumb, dumb… I couldn’t find my cart!

    Vicki, very diplomatically suggested that perhaps it would be best if I had a shop on Zibbet. I had a huge fit of giggles but she didn’t make me feel one little bit silly. I eventually found my way to where I was supposed to be (with Vicki’s patient help) and have been very grateful that I am here to grow with the venue.

    You want to believe Zibbet is the very best! I certainly feel like I have found my online family and have been made to feel like a valued member.

    Thanks to my wonderful customers who have supported my humble beginnings and actually bought things from one of my two shops. I just love you!

    Thank you one and all for a wonderful 2010. Faye Goode of Woodcot Designs and the Bauble Bin.

  8. AmolliesBoutique

    Great, Great Article!!! Thank you so much Vicki!

    I as a newbie in Zibbet, I really appreciate all the hard work people like YOU did and continue to do for ME, so that I will become successful .

    Thank you to Jonathan, Jess, Brittini, Vicki, Fay and all others fellow Zibbeters for never-ending support and encouragements.

    Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!

  9. GrandmothersHouse

    Vicki ~ just an outstanding article, worth of the Archives for those who will come after us! Such a privilege to be a part of early Zibbet (Jan of ‘10)and to have witnessed the growth/changes/improvements that you have so beautifully outlined above. Can’t wait for 2011 and the successes/sales that it will bring to all of us……….and Faye just said it….”on-line family”…that is exactly the feeling that I get whenever I log on! So many thanks to all of you,
    Grandmother Carolyn

  10. NiftyKnits

    Go Zibbet! Thanks Vicki, thank you everyone who makes Zibbet such a great venue. Onwards and upwards…

  11. acraftyarab

    Thanks so much to the staff (including Andrew!) who have been there with a helping hand along the way. I can’t wait to see what 2011 has in store for us.

    I also wanted to mention to please use the twitter hashbag of #zibbet when promoting your items so that we can help each other to retweet! Be sure you are on the zibbetlove list (http://twitter.com/#!/acraftyarab/zibbetlove)!

    Happy Selling!

  12. FierceHook

    Awesome article Vicki–a thank you personally, as well as Zibbet and all my other Zibbet family members for welcoming me with open arms to a wonderful new growing site…keep up the good work!!

  13. secondsisteratmoarkjewelry

    Great blog Vickie! I always look forward to reading your blogs! I am a 1KM refugee and in my short time at Zibbet, I have experienced many of the improvements! I am so happy that I moved here and am looking forward to a successful 2011 for everyone at Zibbet!

  14. TheRunningGarlic

    Wonderful article Vickie!
    Wishing everyone a Fantastic 2011!

  15. EarthAria

    Such a great article, Vickie, thanks! I’m still very new to Zibbet, so I didn’t realize how many changes have happened this past year. But I LOVE this site already for so many reasons and look forward to continued growth this coming year. It would be nice to see the community continue to grow here and have more interaction that way. And I agree it’s great having Jess, he’s helped me with several questions!!

    Happy selling to everyone all around!

  16. HollysHobbies

    Great article Vicki - it’s nice to read a positive roundup of Zibbet and I am really pleased to be a part of it all… Roll on 2011!!

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