Newsletter Basics

For several weeks, I’ve talked about online promotional strategies that require your target audience to come to you to receive the promotion. Newsletters are a great way to promote your shop by sending the information directly to people who want to receive it. A variety of free services are available, each with its own pros and cons. Many of these services also offer upgraded tools at reasonable prices. Here are a few points to keep in mind if you’re thinking about starting a newsletter promotion.

  • With spam seemingly increasing everyday, it’s important that your mailing list is compiled from individuals who have voluntarily subscribed to your newsletter. Subscribers should also be able to quickly and easily unsubscribe should they choose to do so.
  • Select a service that protects your subscribers’ e-mail addresses and other profile data.
  • Most, if not all, free mailing list and newsletter services will include advertising on the subscription page and/or within your newsletters. If you don’t like the advertising then you should look for a service with more appealing ads or consider upgrading to a paid for service that does not include advertising.
  • Choose a service that offers double opt-in registration for subscribers. Double opt-in registration usually sends an e-mail to the subscriber with a link to a page that must be visited in order for the account to be activated. This process helps ensure that your subscriptions are coming from real people and not automated spamming software.

Next week I’ll talk about several free mailing list and newsletter services for you to consider.

Best wishes for much success on Zibbet!

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5 Responses to “Newsletter Basics”

  1. FrenchKissed

    Bonjour, Vicki!
    I use Vertical Response for my newsletter. My problem is keeping my mailing list up to date. I find that a bit time-consuming. IF I ever get organized (!) I hope to actually do a fun snail mail newsletter.
    Of course, I am biased, but I must say the little typewriter boy illustrates your article very well:)
    Merci beaucoup,

  2. NiftyKnits

    I’m so glad you started straight out with the need for opt-in. I was very unhappy when a seller “assumed” I’d agreed to join their mailing list by buying something - it really put me off them, so I think you can’t be too careful. I have a newsletter (I use mailchimp) and their service keeps the list up to date for me. People can opt in through my shops, my blog, and I also include a link to it in my email footer. I can’t stop wondering “what I said” when someone unsubscribes though!

  3. YummyCuppyCrafts

    I have used bravenet for a few years and just recently am trying out MailChimp. I’m looking forward to your next post about the different services there are out there! Thanks!

  4. PortableGraffitiGraphics

    Nice article, Vicki.
    I can’t wait to hear about the free services.
    I also love the graphics you used. Both of them.

  5. SimpleThymePrims

    I look forward to reading more! Thanks

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