Business Cards and Your Zibbet Shop

Last week I talked about the importance of having a great looking shop banner and avatar as they relate to the branding of your shop. Branding is the process of establishing your brand–a unique identity for your products and shop. Today I’d like to extend the branding discussion to include business cards and to introduce you to, whom Zibbet has just teamed up with to offer all Zibbet sellers 50 FREE business cards!!

Business cards are an inexpensive ”must have” promotional tool for every business. Business cards provide potential customers with a tangible reminder of you and your products. Here are some ideas for how you can use business cards to promote your business:

You never know when a casual conversation in the grocery store check out line can provide the opportunity to introduce your products to a total stranger. Placing your business card in the hand of your new acquaintance makes sure that your conversation is remembered, hopefully long enough for the person to visit your Zibbet shop.

Make your card worth holding on to by including a coupon code for a special discount that you only distribute on your business cards. You can put different codes with varying discounts on different cards, sort of like the scratch off discounts that some large department stores sometimes offer. Consider not putting an expiration date on the coupon.

Business cards are great networking tools. Be sure that you include several cards in each package you send. Happy customers will love sharing a card with a friend or two. I’ve also had friends ask for cards to share with their friends and coworkers.

We’d love to hear about creative ways you’ve found to promote your business with business cards, so please leave a comment.

Next week I’ll tell you more about how to create your free Zibbet business cards from In the meantime, feel free to click on over to to get started creating your cards today.

Best wishes for much success on Zibbet!

Brown Spotted Cow from Look On My Treasures on Zibbet

Vicki is committed to assisting her fellow Zibbeters improve their shops for successful online selling. She is the owner of five Zibbet shops: LOC Design Studio, Denim and Pearls, A Stitch and a Prayer, Black Creek Crossing and Think Like a Fish. You can follow Vicki on Twitter and through her LOC Design Studio blog.

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17 Responses to “Business Cards and Your Zibbet Shop”

  1. BohemianGrove

    This is not a good deal to me. You have to pay a $6 shipping charge for just 50 cards. VistaPrint has a much better deal where you get 250 free cards for just $5.95 shipping.

  2. KittyBallistic

    Sounds like a good deal to me. I’ve read a lot of complaints about VistaPrint, and I don’t know if they’re even available in Europe. I’ve used before, I know the quality is great.

  3. MrsSupply

    I agree, having business cards is an effective way to advertise your shop. It is critical to have them, no matter where you get them. It is best to have good design & good quality. It is important to have the right infomation on there as well. I have one business card for each shop, so having 4 shops I carry a lot of cards with me. That why I need a big purse! lol Happy Days to all! Hugs, Jennifer

  4. jonathan

    I haven’t personally used VistaPrint, but from what I hear they are not nearly as customizable as Moo cards. You can upload 50 different images for the front of your card if you like. I think with Vista you can only use their templates, which aren’t good for showing off your products.

    However, it’s totally up to you. We don’t make any money out of this partnership. It’s just a great deal we’ve organized for you guys! Either way, use one of them as business cards are an invaluable business tool.

  5. LOCDesignStudio

    One thing that I really like about this offer from MOO is that each of your fifty cards can be different, both the front and back. That makes it easy to feature different items from your shop and to include a variety of coupon codes (if that’s a promotional strategy you want to try out). MOO also uses very high quality paper for their cards. More about the Zibbet-MOO partnership and your business cards next week…

  6. londoncity

    Fantastic! I’ve been eyeing MOO cards for awhile now, and this is the perfect opportunity to try them out.

    I have to say, though, I’m laughing a bit at those comparing Vistaprint to MOO. …Vistaprint, while free, has pretty inferior products compared to MOO. Hasn’t anyone ever heard that “you get what you pay for”? It’s true.

    That said, I’m a happy Vistaprint customer - I have tons of their products. But now that I have a shop I’m planning to take seriously, I’m looking for an upgrade in quality with how I present myself, and that starts with business cards.

    Thanks for this great offer, Zibbet + MOO!

  7. JJWestStudio

    Hi Vicki, This is Dianne from JJWest Studio. Thank you so much for including my work in the article!!! Moo is a great company and this is a great offer! Your offer was well written and informative! Thanks again!

    All the best,


  8. londoncity

    It also may be worth mentioning somewhere that the 6$ shipping is only for the USA… I’m in Canada so shipping for my free cards will be $7.50 for the slowest shipping (looks like about 4 week arrival time.)

  9. AllAboutTheButtons

    Both companies have their pluses and minuses. I have used both and thank you Zibbet for securing this offer from Moo. I have Vistaprint for my regular cards but will use Moo for coupons this time around.

  10. BaubleBin

    Don’t you just love the Moo avatar/logo?

  11. BobiCreations

    i have always been super impressed with my MOO cards (I love to use the Moo Minis as product tags) VistaPrint leaves a little something to be desired.

  12. RosyDaysAprons

    This is a fabulous offer! Thanks! I love that we can put our item pictures on the business cards.

  13. PortableGraffitiGraphics

    Yeah MOO cards. I want to get them. Still trying to figure it out. I uploaded the Photoshop template and have it saved.
    I have questions though.
    Vicki, you say both sides can be different. I am finding that you can have one side be different but the 2nd side has to be all the same. Perhaps I am missing where it says both sides can be different.
    2nd question. Is there an expiration date when the offer ends?
    I want to take my time designing something in Photoshop and since we can have 50 different designs this could take some time. : ) I won’t make 50 but I do want to make an assortment of different designs.
    Great article as always Vicki!

  14. rotemgear

    I’ve used both. Moo cards are lovely and worth getting even more than 50 and as stated above, very customizable. I LOVE their stickers too and use them for my packaging. I only use VP for things to be tossed away. For my “real” cards I use GotPrint but that’s a whole ‘nother story :)

    Thank you for the Moo opportunity!

  15. ariamy

    I ordered a pack of business cards from moo about a month ago. Too bad this partnership didn’t come any sooner. Any how, I love the cards and am very content with their quality.

    This partnership is here to stay right?

  16. cafeboulet

    I will be using this for sure! I visited their site but with so many choices, I coudldn’t make a decision! Can’t wait to get them ordered though! Thanks Zibbet!

  17. LOCDesignStudio

    CORRECTION: The photo side of your cards can be different. The text side is the same for all of your cards.

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