Fantastic Five: Sea Glass Dreams

Just putting this Fantastic Five together has me yearning for sand between my toes. The main photo will have me beach dreaming tonight.

Sea glass is exciting to find on the beach and these artists have put their finds to use in very talented ways.

Special thanks to Barbra for her idea and helping to select the items for this week’s five.

After reading my captions, and please do read them, you can find more wonderful sea glass and sea treasures with these key tag words: sea glass, shells, seaside, beach, sand, summer. Please use the Share Tools to Spread the Zibbet Love! Thanks.

1. Beach Decor Seashell Frame with Sea Glass and Starfish by Beach Grass Cottage $75: Love the seashore? You’ll love this Zibbet shop with nearly 200 handmade coastal beach decor items. Mirrors, wreaths, and wall decor. The artist hand collects shells and sea glass when visiting her snowbird parents on the Gulf Coast of Florida.

2. Geometric Sea Glass Earrings by Bits Off The Beach $15: Jo grew up in the Pacific Northwest and loves walking the beach. Jo says, “These [earrings] remind me of the shifting colors of the Caribbean on a sunny day.” Last I checked there was a sale going on in this Zibbet shop. Better hurry!

3. Sea Glass and Glass Flower Heart Pendant Necklace by Surfside Sea Glass $15:  Pretty sea glass from Puerto Rico combined with a pretty glass heart and a silver plated chain would make a lovely summertime gift. Surfside Sea Glass carries stunning pendant necklaces, pretty lockets and earrings.

4. Wire Wrapped Sea Glass Sea Foam for Pendant Link Bracelet or Connector by Aquablue Sea Glass $14:  This Zibbet artist lives in Vega Alta, Puerto Rico near the beach allowing her to find wonderful sea treasures for crafting her art and jewelry.

5. Light Aqua Blue Sea Beach Glass Beads by Velvet Glass $4.50: How about trying your hand at creating your own sea glass art with this listing of 17 disc beads! Velvet Glass has a variety of sea glass beads in different colors.

very top image - Green Charm Sea Glass Bracelet by Ocean Girl Collection $28

Judy writes the ‘Fantastic Five column where she features 5 Zibbet items every week. She is the owner of four Zibbet shops: Portable Graffiti Graphics, Portable Graffiti buttons, Proofreader, and Wild Goose Chase vintage, crafts and supplies. You can follow Judy on Facebook.

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20 Responses to “Fantastic Five: Sea Glass Dreams”

  1. SampleZBox

    Beautiful collection as always Judy! The beach is calling me now……

  2. RWestDesigns

    LOVE LOVE LOVE sea glass!!! AND the beach. I have a few pieces of seaglass jewelry that I have purchased from Surfside SeaGlass, and I love them. I’m eyeing some more pieces…… awesome Fantastic Five!!

  3. fireflyglassdesign

    Luscious colors. Beautiful pieces.

  4. EverythingElse

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE BEACH GLASS - it is the BEST! And your selections, Ms. Graffiti, and superb!

  5. texaseagle

    Beautiful…and fresh as a coastal breeze!

  6. RaigeCreations

    oh how I miss the beach!
    great five yet again, thank you for at least giving us the feeling of salt air and sand between the toes.

  7. AllAboutTheButtons

    This is a beautiful collection bringing the sea and the beach to our own personal shore!

  8. rotemgear

    I love this collection! Well done!

  9. spankyluvsvintage2

    This is one of my favorite 5’s ! Sooooo beautiful!

  10. BitsOffTheBeach

    Thanks for including me. Everything is so beautiful!

  11. olebaglady

    Just beautiful….love love love the colors. Another great collection!

  12. aquablueseaglass

    Thanks for including my sea glass. Thanks a bunch!!

  13. LOCDesignStudio

    Nice Fantastic Five this week! Love the colors!

  14. vinproelegance

    Wow! beautiful collection.

  15. theyellowroses

    Great feature! Wonderful use of sea glass by each artist! I was just at the beach last weekend!

  16. JudysCustomJewelry

    Yet another beach fan here! Love these small pieces of art! Well done all!

  17. SurfsideSeaGlass

    Thanks so much for including me in your wonderful blog! I am honored!! And, thank you, Becky, for your kind words!!

  18. mainstreetshop

    Beautiful beads! I like Sea Glass.

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