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This week Zibbet is delighted to introduce you to Susan Givens who runs two shops on Zibbet. You’ll find her at Moxy Fox Designs and Moxy Fox Books. If you spend time in the Zibbet Community Hub you may have had the pleasure of meeting her there.

This fine artist, residing in Oregon is a positive member of Zibbet, always with a kind word for her fellow Zibbeters. Please enjoy the interview, leave Susan a comment, and then use the Share Tools so others can read it, too. Please spread the Zibbet Love!

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself?

    Historically speaking, I was born in Denver six months before Pearl Harbor was bombed.  My grandfather told my young pregnant mother that it was a terrible time to have a child.  However, my life was filled with make believe, paper dolls, jacks, collecting illustrated playing cards, making mud pies, teaching school to my pre-school friends, and trying to hatch eggs in the sandbox.  My brother and I loved going to the Saturday matinees, buying Eskimo Pies and walking ten blocks to the library.

    When I was 10, our family moved to the west coast. Two years at the University of Washington majoring in art were interrupted when my young college love and I married.  We immediately spent a couple of years on Okinawa in the military and found the Japanese culture filled with amazing beauty.   Our long awaited children arrived in the early 70s and I thrived on motherhood.  When they were in their teens, I enrolled in the University of Puget Sound and graduated with honors in art and literature.

  2. Apart from being ‘creative’ what do you do?

    Being creative actually is what I do.  It’s the engine for every activity.  I owned a marketing consultant business for architects and other design business, ventured into ghostwriting, editing and finally opened my book- publishing business in Tacoma, Washington.  When my husband retired, I began selling scarce and out-of-print books for several libraries on eBay.   It wasn’t until we built a house with an art studio that I began to work on my art daily.

  3. What inspires you to do the kind of work you do?

    It’s DNA.  My father was an artist though not professional, and that gift was passed to me.  Some people find it odd that I don’t have just one style, but so many things appeal to me.  Faces are intriguing so portraits are a favorite subject.  Edgy graphic work appeals to my perfectionism, abstracts to my love of the juxtaposition of color, and printmaking thrills me to my toes.  Landscapes are next.

  4. Do you look up to anyone? Who? Why?

    My brain is visually oriented.  In college I absorbed every subject by illustrating concepts in the book margins. I grasped history through the art of each era.  So there aren’t one or two artists that I look up to, but artists in general and how they portrayed the world and time in which they lived.

  5. What other passions do you have in your life?

    Passion has a powerful energy.  Piano jazz is undeniably a thread that has run through my life since childhood.  Dad loved jazz and passionately loved my mother.  They were a handsome couple and I can see the subtle sexuality in my artwork.  It’s definitely the engine of survival for every living creature.

  6. What do you like most about Zibbet?

    Zibbet is well engineered, well designed and in its youth.  I enjoy the look of the set up, the ease of adding images and key words, widgets and the attitude that allows me do things the way I like.  With all of this, there is that superb feature that lets us sellers communicate with one another.  That’s a keeper.

  7. What ‘new’ things would you like to see added to Zibbet?

    My images look unclear.  That’s distressing.  Sellers take a great deal of time photographing their items. Even though I am sizing the photos to the required measurements, something isn’t working.  It’s possible that I have overlooked a detail or two.  Also, I find it difficult to locate the links to other sellers’ shops in the forums.

  8. How do you promote your work?

    Promotion is an evolving process.  My business cards are a great tool.  I give them out to everyone I meet and my husband does the same for me.  I am on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, and am designing a website. Of course I have a blog but it is outdated and needs work. Probably the most important endeavor is sending postcards to former buyers and sellers announcing new work.  And not to be forgotten is giving my art away – getting it into the hands of others.

  9. How would you recommend other Zibbeters make the most of Zibbet.com?

    I have been selling on the internet since 1993 and it’s a tough road.  However, for me it’s mesmerizing.  I hit the computer before breakfast.  I’d say I log in about seven hours a day.  Zibbet is young as I said before.  It is such a benefit and an opportunity to get in on the ground floor.  Best recommendations?  Don’t strive for success; strive for helping others and perfecting your own creativity.  And think broadly — boost the economy by buying from Zibbet sellers.

  10. In the future I’d like to be…

    healthy enough to live well into my 90s so that I can continue to create.  My dream is to leave a substantial legacy of art to my children and grandchildren.  When I die, I am hoping that I will be given an awesome studio and eons of time to create.

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20 Responses to “Featured Zibbeter - MoxyFoxDesigns”

  1. FayeKilday

    I enjoyed reading your interview, Susan. Your art is awesome! I love the colours in the painting of the house.

  2. LOCDesignStudio

    Susan, Thanks for the opportunity to get to know you better. Best wishes for much success on Zibbet! Vicki

  3. vinproelegance

    Great interview,beautiful acrylic painting of a beach cottage ,congrats!!!

  4. tenthavenuesoapworks

    Your interview is really interesting and I enjoyed the introduction to your work!

  5. HannahsGems

    You sound like a very interesting person with much to share.Great advice for creating presence on Zibbet. I have come to look forward to your comments in the Community Hub.


  6. AllAboutTheButtons

    As a fellow Zibbeter and a customer, I am proud to call you friend!♥

  7. handmadefuzzy

    wow, what a colorful life! I love seeing you in the hub and always look forward to see your latest work!

  8. GrandmothersHouse

    And YOU, Susan Givens, are a keeper, too! Lovely, lovely interview - thanks for letting us in to know you better…….you are so very talented, proving once again, that God is good and giving!
    Grandmother Carolyn

  9. LMRPhotography

    Thank you for giving us a peek into your life.
    I loved your interview and your look on life.
    I also agree with the comment from Carolyn ….”you are a keeper and very talented.”

  10. linderontheloop

    I have ALWAYS loved your work and it is simply fabulous that you are so energized by your projects. I need you as a mentor. Loved your bio and so glad that others can share in your talent.

  11. eyeseesage

    Great interview. Always nice to learn about the people behind the posts in the forum.

    By the way,I have noticed that my photos are not clear too. It must be a site thing, but it is so frustrating!

    Jenny from eyeseesage

  12. TwistOfNature

    You are so wonderfully creative. Your education has done you well and your life and has been such an inspiration in your art and you can definately see it. Thank you for being one of my first friends here in Zibbet and for your creations. When I see something beautiful it makes me want to stop, sigh and stare for awhile, and I do that when I look at your art.

    A Twist of Nature

  13. MoxyFoxDesigns

    Rita, that is a heart wrenching comment. Hugs and thank yous.

  14. spankyluvsvintage2

    It has been such a pleasure to meet you here on Zibbet and now to get to know you even better with the featured seller interview. I feel lucky to have met you here and even luckier to have you as a Zibbet friend. You are one classy multi-talented diversified lady!

  15. olebaglady

    Susan, so nice to meet you, loved reading your interview…wishing you all the best!

  16. RaigeCreations

    Hi Susan!
    It is wonderful to meet you here and see your great works. You do have a talent and eye for color and subjects that appeals to me.
    Hope to run into you more on the forums.

  17. monkmama54

    Such a great interview Susan, wonderful to read so much about you & your life! You’re always on the promo forum with such nice things to say for everyone! Nice to meet you~~much luck to you!

  18. DancingRainbows

    Susan, I am such a fan of your art. You have a wonderful gift…thank you for sharing it. :)

  19. BrassBotanical

    Susan, what a great interview! Like I said, I adore your work and your ideas/opinions. Big congrats on being featured! :-)

  20. MoxyFoxDesigns

    Ladies, Your kindness is so vibrant. With all of us on board here at Zibbet, just think what we can become. We might well be known not only for our creations and products, but our approachability, inspiration and warmth. Thank you for all that you have given me, and a big thanks to Jonathan for creating a place for us.


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