Fantastic Five: Labor Day Picnic

It’s time to plan your Labor Day picnic if you live in the USA.

Zibbet has a great choice of useful items for your Labor Day event, whether you are going to the beach to catch the last of the rays of summer sun …or to a  state park, camping trip or backyard gathering with friends and family at home.
At Zibbet you’ll find beach totes, books to read on the beach, beach attire for adults and children and much more. Search Zibbet for over 14,000 products.

1. GALAPAGOS A Novel Kurt Vonnegut by Moxy Fox Books $10.99: My Labor Day choice activity would be to head to the beach and the first thing I would pack is a good book. This Kurt Vonnegut book is about a group of tourists stranded on the Galapagos Islands…a simple vacation cruise suddenly becomes an evolutionary journey…Galapagos takes the reader back a million years, to AD 1986. A must read for the beach!

2. Embroidered Double Insulated Casserole Carrier by Nifty Nook $40: Next on my list for my Labor Day Weekend would be food. This casserole carrier would hold my potato salad, baked beans, coleslaw, watermelon and iced tea. Picture my name or yours embroidered on the carrier.

3. Ants at the Picnic - Upcycled Girls Dress by Classy Baby Boutique $25: I would dress my granddaughter Isabella in this adorable watermelon dress made from a men’s cotton gingham shirt. And oh the fun we would have playing in the sand!

4. 60s Bold Floral One Piece Swim Suit with Cover Up by Dirty Beatniks $130:  And wouldn’t Grandma look swell in this unusual bathing suit. Have you ever seen a bathing suit with POCKETS? A place to put little things one needs handy when walking the beach. Or a place to put the tiny sharks teeth and little shells you find on your stroll down the beach.

5. Summer Crochet Tote Bag by CrochetBoss29474 $30: I’d tuck that book into this roomy beach tote bag along with a beach towel and sunblock. I’m loving the purple! You can also order crocheted beach blankets, personalized, from this shop.

very top image - Queen Bee Swimsiuit xs-xl Made To Order by Meshalo $68.99

I’m ready for Labor Day Weekend! Are you? Get shopping on Zibbet!

Judy writes the ‘Fantastic Five column where she features 5 Zibbet items every week. She is the owner of four Zibbet shops: Portable Graffiti Graphics, Portable Graffiti buttons, Proofreader, and Wild Goose Chase vintage, crafts and supplies. You can follow Judy on Facebook.

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15 Responses to “Fantastic Five: Labor Day Picnic”

  1. EverythingElse

    Well, Ms Graffiti - I’ve packed my suntan lotion and I’m ready to go with ya! You have made this foray to the beach sound so inviting….GREAT selections by our talented group! Thanks,

  2. PaperOnParade

    Fantastic selections and all are perfect for a relaxing picnic! Thanks, Judy!

  3. UnexpectedTreasure

    Wow! Zibbet has some amazing talent! I love the little girl’s picnic gingham dress.

  4. MoxyFoxBooks

    What a wonderful collection of five “Fantastic” Labor Day items! Thank you so much for adding my Kurt Vonnegut novel. And I purchased the gorgeous “Summer Crochet Tote Bag” earlier this summer. It is a gorgeous piece of cratmanship.

    Thanks again ♥♥♥

  5. PetitPoulailler

    Another great Fab 5, Judy … Makes me wanna go to the beach right now! …oh, wait. I live at the beach already!! (Well done, Judy ♥) xo karen

  6. AllAboutTheButtons

    It was really unfair for Karen to remind us that she lives at the beach. I say we buy up all these great items and head to her house…who’s with me???

  7. PortableGraffitiGraphics

    I have to agree Barbra! When I saw Karen’s comment I almost commented back, “Got a spare room for me?”

  8. AllAboutTheButtons

    Pick me up on the way. I have towels!

  9. texaseagle

    I’ll bring the picnic!

  10. PortableGraffitiGraphics

    I’ll bring the noodles! Oh the fun we will have!

  11. PetitPoulailler

    <~~ puts more adult beverages on ice.

  12. PortableGraffitiGraphics

    That makes 4 Zibbeters in the same place at the same time. Just need one more for a Fantastic Five on Beach Vacation at Karen’s place.

  13. PetitPoulailler

    … my husband is lovin’ this idea :|

  14. LisaDeluxe

    wonderful idea! I’ve quite a bit of stock, perfect for picnic wear!

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