Making Your Business Card a ‘Keeper’

Business cards are a must have for any business, large or small. They are also the most cost effective way to promote your business. So how can you make your business card a ‘keeper’? By ‘keeper’, I’m referring to a business card that people want to keep because of some value associated with the card. In addition to including the name of your business and your tag line, here are a few suggestions for how you can increase the value of your business cards so that people keep them.

Provide a coupon code on your cards to encourage people to give your products a try.

Showcase your products with images and descriptions. offers the option of having different product images printed on their cards. Remember, Moo provides Zibbet sellers with 50 complimentary business cards. Be sure to check out this great offer!

Announce upcoming promotions and sales.

Create an ongoing limited contest or giveaway. Customers can enter by sending you an email for periodic drawings for a discount or gift with purchase. Be sure to include your email address on your cards.

Create special cards to use for friends and family to write their names as referrals. Ask your customers if they were referred by someone using your business card and then reward the referring individual with a discount or a complimentary gift from your shop. Be sure to send some of these referral cards to your new customer so that they can expand your referral network.

Add a conversion chart, restaurant tipping chart or other useful information. Each time the card is referred to, the card holder will be reminded of your shop and products.

Be sure that you include the URL to your shop so that it can be easily found by potential buyers. If you have multiple Zibbet shops, provide the URLs for all of them on the back side of your cards. Another way to get your website info out there with your business cards is by including a QR Code. What’s a QR Code? Come back next week to learn all about QR Codes!

What makes your business card a ‘keeper’?

Best wishes for much success on Zibbet!

Making Your Business Card a ‘Keeper’ | Using QR Codes on Your Business Cards | Ideas for Distributing Your Business Cards

Vicki is committed to assisting her fellow Zibbeters improve their shops for successful online selling. She is the owner of five Zibbet shops: LOC Design Studio, Denim and Pearls, A Stitch and a Prayer, Black Creek Crossing and Think Like a Fish. You can follow Vicki on Twitter and through her LOC Design Studio blog.

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9 Responses to “Making Your Business Card a ‘Keeper’”

  1. texaseagle

    Another great post with some super valuable info! Thanks!

  2. SuzanneMedrano

    Great info - Thanks!
    I need to get another box before my next craft fair.

  3. BloomersnBritches

    Great ideas that I’d never thought of…thanks, Vicki!

  4. beadablethings

    This is good information. I just got my shop changed to premium shop!!! I have to get my free buisness cards.

  5. ThePolyShop

    Good ideas!! I have added a 10% off coupon code for Etsy on my business cards! I would have added it to Zibbet’s, but I don’t have a Premium. :( Too expensive right now, since I haven’t had one sale.

  6. NiftyKnits

    My most successful cards in terms of being kept are ones I’ve printed myself on magnetic paper, so they end up on the buyer’s fridge rather than lost. I haven’t found adding coupon codes successful, I’ve tried 10, 20 and 30% but to no avail. I think adding a conversion chart is a good idea, the only card I hung on to had a calendar on the back, that sat by my computer for a long time. I also have some bookmarks that were sent out as business cards - had all the usual info, but end up being kept because they’re useful.

  7. CronicKnitterDesign

    What about adding a small magnet to the back of (some of) your business cards if you already have them?

  8. sheepgal54

    I have sent out discount cards for years and keep a record of each one. I only get a 3% response so I guess they were thrown away without even being read or lost. The magnet card is the best idea but expensive and I am not sure how many come back to shop. I have received emails that say ‘I am so glad I found you again’ I just think…if you had kept my business card then I wouldn’t have been lost in the first place. A smal magnet on the back of the card is a cheaper way to be useful than a full magnet and self sticking ribbon magnet is readily available. I think I will try it.

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