Featured Zibbeter - BarbwireAndBarnwood

After many years in construction Scott Nicks decided no more cold winters outside for him.

Scott now enjoys working with all kinds of wood and coming up with new designs.

From the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Scott brings to you his on line shop Barbwire and Barnwood where you can purchase his shadow boxes, fine Continue reading »

Success on Zibbet - Getting Social Media Marketing Right Part 4

The key to long-term social media success is being consistent.  The lack of a well-laid out, consistent posting schedule on social media sites can leave your fans looking for more and even wondering why you are leaving them hanging.  Google also loves consistency.  Google is paying attention to fan pages that are consistent in their updates.

Continue reading »

Fantastic Five: Where Are You Going?

Which way are you going? Professionally? Personally?

An arrow may point the way while you’re driving but sometimes we have to stop and consider our direction.

Arrows also play a part in design, for ourselves and our homes. These five talented Zibbeters use arrows in their design. Continue reading »

Featured Zibbeter - MerelyAConduit

This week Zibbet interviewed Cecilia McKenzie of Lindenhurst, Illinois about her shop Merely A Conduit.

Cecilia is one of our vintage sellers with a large inventory of over 330 items for you to peruse. You’ll love the variety including some of her own handmade items and vintage supplies.

She’s been Continue reading »

Success on Zibbet - Getting Social Media Marketing Right Part 3

This is Not All About You: Too Much Self-Promotion

The quickest way to lose fans and followers is to constantly push your products on them.  Just broadcasting about your business and products will just become annoying white noise to your followers and they will eventually get fed up and leave. The business that succeeds on social media sites posts Continue reading »

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