Fantastic Five: Where Are My Keys?

Zibbet has a great selection of keychains to help you keep track of those keys that sometimes disappear. You’ll find keychains made with beads, wood, fabric, yarn, and recycled materials. Here are just a few of the ones I fell in love with, from recycled skateboards down to repurposed rubber tires. As a matter of fact there were many I loved, including a hemp peace keychain, a mouse, beach stones, leather, and these Continue reading »

2011 Success on Zibbet in Review

As 2011 comes to an end, I thought it would be helpful to review the major topics that were addressed this year in our Success on Zibbet column. Regardless of how experienced we are with shop keeping here on Zibbet, a good review can be just what we need to remind us of those things on our Zibbet shop “to do” lists. Whether you’re brand new to Zibbet or a seasoned veteran, now is a great time to catch up on your SOZ reading and Continue reading »

Featured Zibbeter - Pulpa

Erin Groff has been making paper for over ten years. It is one of the ways she works at making our planet Earth greener.

Erin uses up newspapers, yellow pages from the phone books, dryer lint, and that pesky junk mail we all get and turns it into beautiful paper.

She uses her own handmade paper to create cards, journals Continue reading »

Fantastic Five: Cheers to the New Year!

Here’s to a bright and wonderful 2012! Get your goals organized with a calendar for the new year to keep track of your show schedules and appointments.

Whether you want a monthly decorative calendar to hang on the wall, a desk calendar or a perpetual calendar you can reuse year after year, you’ll find what you need on Zibbet.

Need New Continue reading »

Christmas Hopes and Wishes

Christmas means different things to different people. Regardless of how or why you celebrate Christmas, I hope that this holiday provides you with a few minutes to relax and enjoy a special time with family and friends. I wish for you a time to rest and to reflect on the year just past. I hope that you will also ponder the future and start revising your goals as you anticipate the coming year. I wish for you health and happiness. I wish for you warmth Continue reading »

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