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Welcome to the Free Marissa Alexander Store! All proceeds are donated to the Free Marissa Alexander Legal Defense Fund.

INTERNATIONAL SUPPORTERS can purchase most store items! Send an email to FreeMarissaChicago [at] gmail [dot] [com] listing the item(s) you'd like to purchase AND your mailing address.

Marissa Alexander is a proud mother of three, a loving daughter and sister, has earned a MBA, a woman of faith, and a survivor of domestic violence. In 2012, Marissa was sentenced to twenty years in the Florida criminal correctional system for defending herself from her abusive estranged husband. Nine days after giving birth to a premature daughter, she fired a single warning shot upwards into a wall to halt her abusive partner during a life-threatening beating. Despite the fact that Marissa caused no injuries and has no previous criminal record, and despite the fact that Florida’s self-defense law includes the right to “Stand Your Ground,” she was arrested, prosecuted, and incarcerated. Her sentence was set at 20 years in part due to the state’s mandatory minimum sentencing laws. Marissa successfully appealed the trial, overturning the guilty verdict on 9/26/13. On 11/26/13, Marissa was finally released on bond and is currently under house arrest. Her new trial, which had been postponed to 7/28/14, has been further delayed and will begin 12/8/14. Jury selection will begin 12/1/14.

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