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HI I am Nicole. I run this beautifully owned crochet shop. I make these beautiful items with my hands and love every minute of it. I can make almost anything from baby hats to afghans. I still havent figured out how to make booties yet. But its in the works.

Hi there! I have moved into my new home but now find my husband with out a job and I have been jobless for almost two months myself now. I need to get my items out and sold. We need the cash to keep our new home. Or we will be forced to move again. My items have never been worn or used. I make them and put them in a crafting area that holds till they sell. I am trying to make new things with what I have because I cant afford to buy more yarn right now. I hate this not knowing where my life is going in a month.. Please help me get some stuff for my kids for x-mas by buying my items. Even small items add up.. Nicole..

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