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Buying FAQ's

  1. Why do I need to register to buy on Zibbet?
    All correspondence for your order is done through your Zibbet account. All we need is an email address!
  2. Do I need to register if I am just ‘browsing’ the site?
    No, however, you won’t be able to contact the sellers, create wish lists, compile and get updates from your favorite sellers and much more, UNLESS you register as a buyer.
  3. Is it FREE?
    Of course!
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Selling FAQ's

  1. What can I sell on Zibbet?
    We have 4 main categories: HANDMADE, FINE ART, VINTAGE and SUPPLIES.
    For more information on ‘selling’, click here
  2. I want to BUY and SELL on Zibbet. What do I do?
    You can 'buy' on Zibbet and have access to all the 'buying' features within your Sellers account.