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save over $30/year,
less than $8/month!
NO listing fees
No listing fees = more $$ in your pocket. Listing and re-listing can really add up!
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NO commission/sales fees
NO commission/sales fees = more $$ in your pocket. You get to keep all your profits when selling with Zibbet - we don't take a cent!
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Unlimited listings
Basic sellers can have up to 50 active items listed in their shop at a time. Premium sellers have no limits on the amount of items that can be listed.
50 items limit Yes Yes
Quick list
Streamlined listing process. Upload multiple images at once, saving you time!
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Shop management tools
We provide you with the tools to easily manage your inventory, create unlimited shop sections, shipping profiles etc.
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Search Engine Optimized shop & listings
Our Zibbet shops are highly optimized to help you rank well in Google and other search engines, bringing you more traffic to your shop!
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Shoppers can take your shop viral with easy 1 click sharing to Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon etc, with our Shareability feature!
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Shop performance stats
Track your shop and item visits! An advanced analytics system is currently in the works!
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Link to your other sites
We have no link out restrictions on Zibbet!
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NO third-party advertising in your shop
Advertisements distract people and will take your customers away from your shop - that's why we don't have them!
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Etsy importer
If you happen to sell on Etsy, you can easily import your items over to your Zibbet shop and be up and running in just a few minutes from now. Expand your online presence and experience The Zibbet Difference today!
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Free Business Cards
Zibbet has teamed up with to offer all Zibbet sellers 50 free business cards.
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Total customization
Fully customize your Premium Zibbet shop and make it your own! Changing your shops colors, uploading larger banners, and making your item thumbnails bigger are just some of the many shop customization options we offer!
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Feedback display
As a Premium seller you can choose your favorite feedback to display proudly in your shop!
No Yes Yes
As a Premium seller you can add widgets to the bottom and side column of your shop. Some popular widgets people like to add include their Facebook Fanpage, Twitter feed, newsletter subscription, currency converters etc. Help guides are available if 'widgets' are new to you.
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Add video & images on Profile page
As a Premium seller you can customize your Profile page with your own selection of photos and even add a YouTube video if you wish!
No Yes Yes
8 images per item
Being able to see an item from every angle is really important to online shoppers. As a Premium seller you can upload up to 8 images per item, whilst Basic sellers are limited to 4.
No Yes Yes
Rearrange your shop items
As a Premium seller you have total control over which items your shoppers will see first. Arrange by theme, color, style or category - it's totally up to you! The order of your shop sections can also be rearranged. All done via a simple drag-and-drop!
No Yes Yes
List multiples of an item
As a Premium seller you can list multiple quantities of an item for your shoppers to purchase.
No Yes Yes
Copy an existing item
As a Premium seller you will save yourself a heap of time when listing similar items with our copy a listing feature!
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Sales Mode
Shoppers love a sale! As a Premium seller you can easily put all or some of your items on sale with the click of a button! Your items will be clearly marked that they're on sale and will feature in our 'Sale Items' section of Zibbet.
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As a Premium seller you can create your own fully customized coupon codes to help you promote your items to new customers, encourage repeat buyers etc, which are easily redeemed at checkout. No more refunding after a sale has been made!
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Gift Certificates
As a Premium seller you can create your own custom Gift Certificates, which can be sold in your shop, gifted to loved ones, sent with a purchase to encourage repeat buyers etc. They are easily redeemed by the customer at checkout.
No Yes Yes
Gift Guides exposure
As a Premium seller you can add your items to our Gift Guides, giving your items even more exposure to shoppers!
No Yes Yes
Sale Items exposure
As a Premium seller you can put your items into 'Sales Mode'. These items will then appear in our 'Sale Items' section, which is a very popular destination for shoppers, giving you even more exposure!
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Homepage & Buy page exposure
As a Premium seller your items will be randomly rotated on the homepage, the most visited page on the site, giving you even more exposure to shoppers. Our new Buy page is in the works and will randomly feature Premium sellers items also.
No Yes Yes
Relevance Boost for more exposure
As a Premium Seller you will receive preferred placement in our search engine over Basic sellers giving you even more exposure!
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Facebook Application
Coming soon is the ability for Premium sellers to sell your items directly from Facebook! Stay tuned!
No Coming soon... Coming soon...
Coming soon is the ability for Premium sellers to create a mini version of your Zibbet shop to put on your blog, website etc. Shoppers will even be able to buy your items directly from the Echo, without even needing to come to Zibbet! Stay tuned!
No Coming soon... Coming soon...
Many more great features
We'll never stop building more great features for our Premium sellers. The range of features you see now is just the beginning - we're just getting started!
No Coming soon... Coming soon...
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Also included in both Basic and Premium accounts

No contracts -- you can cancel at any time Your own personal domain/URL
No setup fees Unlimited storage and bandwidth
Zibbet's world class customer service and support Educational/training materials
Integration with PayPal -- and more payment options are on their way Secure checkout for your buyers using Verisign, the most trusted SSL online
Free access to Zibbet's Community hub. A great looking shopfront to sell your wonderful work!


We have been selling through Zibbet since May of 2010 and in a space of 6 months have over 2000 sales between our 2 shops. I just wanted to let you know how extremely pleased I have been with the progress, professionalism, and the support of the staff since we started selling through Zibbet. Everyone from the community forum to the executive team has been extremely dedicated and helpful almost immediately when needed. The progress, creativity and dedication just reconfirms that the decision to sell on Zibbet rather than any other online vehicle has proven to be successful for us.
When the owner of a company rapidly responds to your questions & concerns, when you have artistic freedom & ease regarding your shop & when your wishes are met before you dreamt them... you're online with Zibbet. Bar none, it is the best online handmade venue today. After trying 5 others, this is where I'll be found for a long time.
In order to be successful, a company has to offer a great product, and support that product with outstanding customer service. Zibbet does both. The product is a great venue for buying and selling handmade, fine art, vintage and supplies and is designed with the needs of both buyers and sellers as its foundation. Zibbet customer service is ridiculously wonderful. There is no place like Zibbet!
Why Do I love Zibbet? It's a young, vibrant, beautiful site. The shops are laid out gorgeous and are very easily maintained. Listing is a breeze. Each listing has more photos than you'll ever need. And editing? Easy as pie! Want to have a sale? click click ... done and ready. The Search works wonderfully. The variety of goods astounds. I love the wonderful and knowledgeable people here. Come and be a part!
I love having a shop on Zibbet. The listing process is super fast, the customer service is simply outstanding, and the premium account features make managing and promoting my shop so easy. Plus, you can't beat the price!
What will your shop look like? And what will your testimonial be? Join today and find out for yourself – we know you’re going to LOVE it here!
I feel like we are one big happy family of artisans and shopkeepers working together. It is a powerful and moving experience to be a part of something that has rapidly grown into the BEST venue of its kind and soon to be the biggest. Zibbet has made all my online selling dreams come true and yours will too when you join us.
It is so easy to make your home on Zibbet! Between the wonderfully supportive community of sellers and buyers to the helpful staff, I feel like my shop is in good hands. The fact that the site is continually changing due to the feedback of real users gives me confidence that it will only grow in a positive direction.

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- Should I go Basic or Premium?
Our Basic option is really for sellers who are new to selling online and just want to test the waters. If you're serious about making more sales, our Premium option is the only way to go. Premium sellers enjoy more site exposure, preferred placement in our search engine, unlimited listings, the ability to fully customize the look and feel of your shop, plus a whole host of other Premium exclusive features - with many more in the works.
- Will I be locked into a contract? And are there any extra hidden fees not mentioned above?
On Zibbet, you're not locked into any contract and you're free to cancel at any time, no questions asked. There are no hidden fees when selling with Zibbet and none of our great features cost any extra to use. Both Basic and Premium have no listing fees and we don't charge a commission/sales fee when you sell your items, so you keep 100% of the profits! We're constantly building more great features for our Premium sellers, and these will carry NO extra cost.
- Will the price of my membership increase over time?
No, once you have joined you lock in that rate for life, as long as you maintain your membership.
- How will my membership be paid?
Your membership will be paid through PayPal. You can choose for it to be deducted from your PayPal account, your bank account or your credit card - whichever is your preferred payment method.
- What can I sell on Zibbet?
Our 4 main categories include Handmade, Fine Art, Vintage and Supplies. More information on what can be sold on Zibbet and what can't be sold on Zibbet.
- How do I get paid when I sell an item?
You will be paid directly into your PayPal account. Zibbet doesn't handle any of your money at all. If you don't yet have a PayPal account, you can get one here. More payment options will be made available to sellers at the start of 2011.
- Which countries and currencies are usable with Zibbet?
Zibbet welcomes sellers from all countries around the world! All items and sales are currently in US Dollars, however we will be enabling listing and selling in multiple currencies in the near future. At the moment 75% of our traffic comes from the US, however we're rapidly growing in many countries around the world.
- Where do shoppers come from?
Shoppers come to Zibbet from a wide variety of places. Some of these include...
  • Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. Our Zibbet shops are highly optimized to rank well in the search engines, bringing you even more traffic.
  • Shoppers will 'share' your items with their Facebook friends, Twitter followers, StumbleUpon etc, using our 'Shareability' feature taking your items viral!
  • Zibbet also helps bring in shoppers through brand awareness advertising campaigns on Facebook, Google, other popular shopping sites and social media channels. As we grow, we will be looking at some mainstream advertising options, such as magazines and even TV ads!
  • Sellers also promote their own shops online and offline, which brings more shoppers to all Zibbet sellers. Promoting your own shop is always the most effective way for sellers to increase their sales.
And, happy Zibbet shoppers will return with their friends too!
- Do I need to be a designer/programmer to set up my Zibbet shop?
Not at all! Setting up your Zibbet shop is so simple. All our customization options are simply done via clicking, dragging and dropping. It's that easy! If you want a professional looking banner for your Zibbet shop we have many great graphic designers here on Zibbet:
- Can I use my own domain name with my shop?
Yes! Simply get your domain registrar to forward your domain to your Zibbet shop URL. That way whenever someone goes to, they will automatically be forwarded to your Zibbet shop.
- Where can I connect with other Zibbet sellers?
You can connect with other Zibbet sellers in our Community Hub! It's a fun and friendly environment where you can chat with like-minded people and ask questions about anything you might be having trouble with. We have sellers of all experience levels and you'll be surprised at how quickly you'll get help from our other Zibbet sellers. You're never alone!
- Where can I find tutorials and help guides?
Our 'Success On Zibbet' column in our blog is a helpful resource for many Zibbet sellers. A new article is added every week and is written by one of our very own Zibbeters!
- Where can I get more help if I need it?
Please visit our Help page and submit a ticket to our support staff for further help. You'll receive a reply within 12-24 hours and many times much sooner!