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I was lucky enough to be raised by two amazing Grandparents who happened to be rock hounds. While I didn't enjoy their same passion for digging around in the dirt, I loved admiring their finds, helping with the polishing & cleaning and making jewelry with my Grandmother out of some of the pieces. I started making candles a few years ago and that led me to start making my own soap. At first, I was making soap for my own personal use and for friends and family. Then one day I saw a piece of soap that was cut like a rock and the light bulb went off for me. I started with making a few geode inspired soaps, which my husband promptly said was the most impractical thing he had ever seen.... I knew I had something! I put the soaps on my other Etsy shop. Candlelit Desserts. just to see if anyone would be interested and I was happy to find out people did like my impractical soaps! From there it grew, I started offering more styles and moved it to it's own shop. Many of the molds I use were made from my Grandparents collection. They have both passed on now, but I know they would love the soaps they inspired.

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