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Welcome to my candles world! I love to spend time in the meadows and forests collecting all those things – birch barks, acorns, moss, chestnuts and snail shells. And more pleasure to create candles from it – so pure and natural gifts. I love to use materials for my candles, that we usually throw out – orange and kiwi peels, eggshells. I love to create small cute peaces for cozy and eco friendly home. My paraffin candles are created of the finest blend of waxes, combined perfectly to create an exceptionally performing candle. Every candle hand poured and painted by me with special hot wax. I don't use any stencils, so every candle a little bit vary from another. All decoration melts when candle burns. So you'll have two in one - decoration and candle light, you don't need any special candle holder, use a simple plate to protect your surfaces from heat and hot wax. Each day I search for unique way to create a beautiful candle. It's a big pleasure to make Your home more beautiful and cozy!

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