Original pink and white flower watercolor spring flyer

What is 16 Cardinal Lane?

Why would someone choose an address as the name of their business? Seems weird, huh? Well, there is reason behind my madness! I grew up in West Palm Beach, Florida at 16 McGarry Lane. My parents later moved back "home" to North Carolina. Their address was 16 Cardinal Road. So, in memory of two beautiful places I call home, I combined the address and created 16 Cardinal Lane!

I enjoy creating accessories for women and girls. I love to bead and sew. Using these two skills, I create handbags, tote bags, and jewelry.

My purses are created from scratch. I create my own patterns. Some of the bags are made from fabrics, some are crocheted using acrylic or wool blend yarns. Most times there is beading or applique work done on the bag. All the bags have either a magnetic or zippered closure.

My beading is also original. I get my inspiration for both the jewelry and the bags from nature and fashion of decades gone by. I use all kinds of beads in my creations. Acrylic beads, gemstone beads, metallic beads, glass beads and crystals.

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Creating a pair of earrings.
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Starting work on a shoulder bag.
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Defiance, OH 43512, USA