3 wind knots - jewellery with a story. The handmade jewellery is very special, offered only in limited editions of high quality and unique products. 3 wind knots jewellery is very unique, because each piece of jewellery has a particular story and meaning, which inspire, motivate and create positive feelings and emotions. Thus, they serve as talismans. The jewellery is designed by Sigita Trukšāne.

The inspiration and ideas for the jewellery design stems from the nature of Latvia, its forests, meadows, the Baltic Sea, as well as its history and culture. Mostly the jewellery is made out materials that can be found in Latvia, for instance, silver, bronze, leather, linen, amber, and sea pebbles etc.

The modern design of jewellery collections includes historic Baltic signs, goddesses, flowers, and animals. Many jewellery pieces contain amber and sea pebbles from the Baltic Sea. The products can be personalised to match the uniqueness of each person. The stories behind the jewellery inspire and radiate positive emotions.

3 wind knots offers jewellery for all - women, men and children.

In order to make the most out of your first encounter with 3 wind knots, you will be pleasantly surprised by the original design of packaging, as they are made out of recycled wine bottles, handmade crochet pouches, tin cans, linen pouches etc.

The brand has been internationally recognized, and the jewellery is sold successfully in countries such as the UK, Germany, the USA, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Switzerland, Taiwan, Australia and others. The jewellery by 3 wind knots has repeatedly caught the British Vogue attention.

3 wind knots

Rīga, Latvia