I am a former law enforcement officer and a divorced single parent of two boys. My other children are grown...
When my kids were little, I noticed there weren't many baby clothes that suited my tastes. While bubblegum pink and powder blue are fine in their own right, I wanted to dress my kids in something that made a unique statement and reflected my rock style tastes. There are more alternative baby clothes out there now...but not many. Who wants their little tot to look like every other kid?! Not me!!
Inspired by my gothic adult daughter (she was my profile pic for the longest) who has a, well, strange and formidable appearance (!), I decided to make baby clothes that she would likely want her future kids to wear.
Currently a supervisor in the health care agency, I do many craft projects to release stress. In the past year year alone, I have lost a spouse and my dearest father.
I have a deep love for children, am a human and animal rights activist, and a philanthropist. Making baby clothes is an extension of my passions and interests.