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Heartworks grew out of a hobby which over time has somewhat evolved into a personal mission of sorts. I do love creating with clay. It is all at once earthy and humbling, fun and therapeutic, and often times like a prayer ... soothing, uplifting, tranquil, joyful. I am happiest when I am working on crosses and I like to think that the better pieces that emerge are those where I let my guard down and let the Spirit "take the wheel". :P

The selection of wearable ceramics and Christian art jewelry that I have included here cover an eclectic range of styles, moods, colors and textures. And whether it says classic, rustic, dainty, quaint or quirky and so on, each work is a labor of love and essentially a handmade one-of-a-kind way to coordinate and make your own personal statement of faith or fashion. Whether your choice of look is bold, laid back, mod, conservative, etc. ... I hope you will find a piece right here that moves you. :D

Thanks again for coming by. Enjoy browsing and have a great day!

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Picture 1 (also shown above) shows the centre of a small pouring bowl which was wheel-thrown and colored with a combination of glazes. During the firing process, this unexpected 'painting' of a petite pink-blue hummingbird - surrounded by lush rainforest and feeding from a stark red flower - emerged. Besides the two shades of blue on its back and lower body, it has a pink chest and stomach, black eyes and beak and even feet, and a long silvery tail. Created in early 2008, I think of this little bowl as my "miracle masterpiece" ... a timely gift of encouragement as well as a heartfelt affirmation that I am not alone (Matt 28:20).

Pictures 2 to 5: Some earlier works which have since been sold, donated towards charity sales, or given away to people I love.