I am a Navy Wife, Mother of 2 divas in training, 2 dogs and a USMC devil pup. I’m one of five daughters (they call me the peace keeper … sometimes) and the over achiever of the bunch. I overly plan and double check my plans for any event or vacation. I have a passion for dancing and listening to great music. I watched my mother (a retired USMC Master Sgt) transform from a homely drill instructor into a diva in just one year. Yes, we were impressed that a woman who wore the same uniform for over 20 years could actually match clothing and accessorize something that wasn’t camouflaged.

In High School, I decided to try out sewing. I did pretty well and made a prom dress for myself and my sister. Over 10 years later, I stumbled back into the “crafting” field by growing a passion for endless color combinations and the desire to start my own business.

I started out with a single pair of flip flops and a how to video. I’m guilty of wearing flip flops year round. Can we say weekly pedicures? Yes, I’ve even worn flip flops with socks in the middle of winter when I was living in my hometown of Virginia Beach, Va. I’m in Florida now and it is socially acceptable to wear flip flops year round (yesssssssssssssssss!) I like adding the colors and beads to really pizzazz a pair of flip flops. It gives you a sense of ownership to what you’ve put on your feet. I am branching out to bracelets, necklaces and earrings. I’ve found what makes me happy and I hope that my art makes you happy and inspires you to harness your inner accessorizing diva!