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You want to know a bit about the silly girl behind the whimsical guinea pig paintings and drawings, eh?

Oh where to start!

My name's Lesley. I live with two sweet, fat, happy guinea pigs, a crazy Siamese kitten and a very patient and loving husband just outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

I tell folks I'm an artist turned geek turned artist, meaning, I spent my formative years (isn't every year technically formative in some way?) playing the piano, drawing, painting, acting, singing, pretending, and playing with stuffed animals.

When it came time for college, my practical alarm started beeping and I ended up going to WPI and majored in Technical, Scientific and Professional Communications. *cough* nerd! *cough*

After that, I had a handful of corporate-ish jobs that didn't quite fit the bill, and I finally took the leap back into my creative roots to pursue cute artwork, writing musicals (for children and professionals!), while dappling in SEO copywriting and other tech geeky goodness on the side.

I love the ocean and the beach, animals of all types, baking cupcakes, writing, creating art and music, theatre, videogames, social media, and of course...guinea pigs!

Anything else you'd like to know? Feel free to ask!

Celebrate the cute in your life, and celebrate creativity!