Thanks for visiting me! As you can see, I make wine glass charms, stitch markers, beaded jewelry, and hemp necklaces. I just love learning new techniques and evolving my style, so be sure to watch for something different all the time! I truly believe in being a life-long learner. I've found my style is ever-evolving, and learning new things all the time keeps me interested and gives me lots of new design ideas. I'm always thinking about where to take my craft next! Right now, I'm perfecting my metal stamping technique, so we'll see if any of that makes it into my shop. :)

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The inspiration for my wine charms started several Christmas seasons ago when I was looking to purchase a set for a relative, but everything in the stores was either too boring/basic or too expensive. Then I realized I could make my own and personalize to taste! I ended up making several sets to send to family in different states. It was the first thing I ever made and gifted that received a 100% response of "Wow, these are really nice - I've used them already" within a week of Christmas. I suppose it helped everyone had New Year's Eve parties! ;)

One of the things I love most about making jewelry is the absolute individualism. For each gift that I've created for a family member or friend, I try to keep the person's individual personality in mind, which has meant I've learned lots of new styles!