I was born with a highly developed artistic gene. There is no other explanation for the unquenchable burning desire to create that I have had since childhood. As a young girl, I would wander through the fields surrounding my house looking for dried grasses, leaves, moss and wildflowers, to weave into necklaces and bracelets. I collected dead insects which I wrapped tightly in brightly colored embroidery floss to hang from my woven creations. The little mummified bodies looked like unusual jewels.

After college, I entered the business world, and ended up in a series of soul sapping jobs. My creative muse went underground, but there was always a teeny tiny voice saying create, create, create. The years went by and that voice got louder and louder. My creative muse would not be denied, and one day shouted, “You old bag. How much longer do you think you’ll be on the planet? Get cracking and start creating.” I went out that day and bought some wire and beads and I’ve been making jewelry for the last eight years.