Welcome to Bliss Soy Candles ~ an established high-end soy candle vendor based out of the very beautiful Grand Haven, Michigan!

My name is Suzanne and I own this wonderful business.

I am proud to say that I have developed all of my own marketing, labels, branding, products, and ideas! My goal in candle making is to provide a high quality product - the best available - while providing an attractive container and packaging. It is true that my products may not be the least expensive but the prices reflect the materials and time I have put into them. I see some pricing that wouldn't even cover the cost of my materials and wonder how people do it!

I started my business by accident... yes, really. I was reading a magazine article about melting old candles together back in 2004 and somehow that led me to the internet to look for soy candle making supplies. I knew back then that soy was much healthier and since I have terrible allergies and asthma, that is a big plus!

As with anything in my life, I just couldn't do something minimal -- I made way too many candles and had to give some away to friends! They loved them which led me to make even more and then I realized I better do a craft show to get rid of them all. That was Garfield Park in 2004 and I did wonderful. And that is where it all began. Word of mouth spread like wildfire and I found myself doing about 20-25 shows a year, building a website, making marketing materials, selling in stores and on EBay, and doing fundraisers. All of that while working a very stressful, more than full-time job as a Human Resource Manager. Yes, I am tired but I love my product and I love my customers! Oh...and I have a much better job now:)

So stop in and check out my shop! Check my feedback. Talk to my current customers. I have many people who never buy another brand again after trying my candles. I hope you will feel the same way!

Thanks for stopping by!


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