When you’re juggling a small creative business it’s easy to run out of fuel quickly when it comes to Instagram post ideas. In this post, you’ll find 20 different kinds of content to freshen up your Instagram feed.


1. Work in progress

Most of your customers know what your finished products look like. Instead, loop them into your work by showing one of your pieces that you’re working on. Your followers will get a peek into what you’re working on and it’s a great way to line up a sale for the customer who already likes what they see.



2. Your workspace

Let your followers into your private space and take them for a tour around your workspace, studio or desk. This is a great opportunity to showcase some of your creations and share where all the magic happens.

@whiskerwoven shows her followers her creative space with her current sales collection displayed on the wall.


3. Styled scene

Use your product and turn it into an instagram flatlay. Feature your product in the flatlay and surround it with props, tools and anything else that’s sitting around.

@rosies.sketchbook shows off her watercolor paintings with a styled scene of her desk space.


4. Process scene

Share your exact process for one of your products during making-mode. This is a great way to introduce video content into your Instagram feed with timelapses of your process.



5. Finished product

Don’t be afraid to use your Instagram feed to sell your creations. After all, a finished product is most likely a win in your book, so why not share the excitement with your followers?



6. A customer repost

Encourage your customers to show off their purchases on their Instagram feed! After that, you can then repost their picture to your own feed (with permission and credit, of course).

@westelm reposts a photo from @mrjasongrant where he features West Elm products in his shot.


7. Giveaways and competitions

Fire up your following and get people excited about your products with a giveaway or promotion. This is a great way to get a lot of people seeing your products as competitions tend to go viral more often on Instagram.

Jewelry maker, @browneandblue collaborates with @charlie_buttons_au to give away a matching set of jewelry and headwear to one lucky winner.


8. Takeovers

Hosting a takeover on your instagram is a quick way to get fresh new content from another Instagrammer. You can also grow your following by promoting each other during the takeover period.

@jeninuferu, an illustrator, takes over @ohhdeer’s feed. They promote each other, growing their following together and the content can be cross-exchanged across both feeds.


9. Polls and surveys

Unique content doesn’t have to just be on your Instagram feed. Shake up your Instagram Stories with a poll or survey to get your followers’ input for your next product.



10. Item in action

Show off your item being modelled or in use. This is a great way to engage your followers and get them imagining what the product would look like in their space.

@_damaja_ models her embroidery denim jackets while sharing her furry friend with her tribe making the post more personal.



11. Promotional offer

If you’re running a flash sale or you’ve got a coupon offer going on, you can make use of Instagram as a way to promote your deal and reward your loyal followers.



12. Shop announcement

Are you going on vacation? Do you have a new collection? Are you just about to launch your shop? Let your followers know!

When @wootandwooks gave birth, she posted this adorable announcement to let her followers know that she’ll be taking a small break from her shop.


13. Product roundup

Refresh your followers with some of your old posts curated into one image. Share a collage or a roundup of your favorite creations to capture attention.



14. Inspirational quotes

Not sure what to post? Share a post that inspires and motivates you.

@gracedchin is an illustrator and uses some of her favorite quotes to turn into artworks. Even if you aren’t an artist, you can design your favorite quote or repost it from another account with credit.

15. Daily diary

Welcome your followers into your everyday life: share shots of the food you’re eating, where you’re traveling, your family, pets and even your shopping hauls.

@belliesartboutique is a traveling artist who shares her favorite cities with her followers.


16. Inspiration

Share the things, places and people that inspire you and your work.




For your lazy days, don’t be afraid to repost some recent images that have mesmerized you. Make sure you tag and credit the original author so that your followers can see the rest of their feed.

Our @zibbet account is featuring the intricate ceramic plates from @azarraluqui.


18. Your tools

Go beyond your workspace and invite your followers into your craft wardrobe, pencil case or wherever else you store your tools.



19. Holiday

Get into the holiday spirit by sharing seasonal posts, images and projects.

@olivecreativeco dives straight into fall by sharing her October themed photo.


20. Life hacks

Teach your followers something new. Share your most recent blog posts, make a useful infographic or upload a video of you explaining how you do a certain technique.

@ohmyknot is a fiber artist who shares macrame tips and videos with her community of macrame lovers.

Your instagram feed is a place to be creative and explore new techniques and creative pursuits. Engage your audience by posting a variety of content – your Instagram isn’t your shopfront. Instead, give it a creative touch and make it a personal scapbook of your business so your followers can come along on your journey with you.

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Share your Instagram feed in the comments below so we can all be inspired by each other’s content.