For a long time, Creatives relied upon packing a car full of stock and hauling it to their local market each weekend to sell to adoring crowds of art lovers.

While you most certainly can still attend your local markets, the advent of technology, which allows you to quickly and efficiently open your online store with little technological knowledge, has opened up your customer base to the world.

No longer do you need to rely on the weather or attracting the crowds to your stall when you can do it all from the comfort of your own home and computer screen.

So many Creatives resist technology but in my view, this is no longer something that we can hide from – it’s part of our society and intrinsically linked with everything we do.

Shopping from home is an international past-time so why shouldn’t you get a piece of that pie with shoppers purchasing your amazing creations?

You definitely SHOULD be making the most of the opportunity to have an online store and here are my top 5 reasons why.


1. Global Audience

If you want to reach the biggest audience possible, you’re only going to find that through an online store. Without a presence on the World Wide Web (yes, I wrote that out in words for gravitas!) then it’s tricky to get your name ‘out there’ to the masses.

When you set up at your local markets, you’re only reaching a tiny, miniscule portion of the world’s citizens and even with word of mouth, excellent marketing and a stellar product, your brand name will still only spread very slowly.


2. Less Overheads

Having a market stall or opening up your own Bricks and Mortar store can be exhilarating and it might be your dream to be selling in person.

That’s wonderful and I’m sure you’ll knock that out of the park!

There are loads of overheads when you’re selling in person at a market or in retail though and having an online store can really cut down on your spending.

You don’t have to think about additional rent, heating/cooling a shop, bags, merchandizing materials, stall set-up display, stationery, credit card machines, receipt printers, scanners and all the other stuff which comes along with face-to-face selling.

This means you can make a more affordable product for you customers!


3. Made to Order

You don’t have to have all your stock made up for a customer to purchase it if they can see an image of the finished product in your online store.

That means you can keep your money in your pocket until you actually have to make the order for your customer.

It also means that you won’t make up stock which might not be best-sellers. You would then be forced to discount or write-off those precious resources, making your prices go up to accommodate for this.


4. No Crowds

Some people don’t like shopping because they’re not fussed on crowds. With online selling, even if there is a peak capacity of buyers online, you would never know they were there!


5. Discreet Purchasing

Buying a surprise gift for a close friend or loved one can be really tricky if they are standing right next you at a market or shop.

With an online store, you can nosey around your friend’s Pinterest page to see what they might like, then purchase it without them even knowing!

If you’re only at a market once a week or your physical location is hard to get to, it might be difficult for someone to get back to you to purchase a coveted item.

An online presence is an absolute must if you are selling anything these days.

It pays to have an online store where people can purchase your amazing pieces at any time of the night or day.

Plus, there’s the added bonus of going to work in your pajamas! 😉