High quality product photography is the key to increasing your Zibbet sales. Your product images are a crucial part of your Zibbet store’s first impression on potential customers and also have a say in your customer’s final purchasing decision. Nothing compares to being able to touch and see a product in real life, so it’s really important that your product images help the customer visualize the product in their mind. Here are 4 top tips that’ll help you increase your Zibbet sales.


1. Nail the photoshoot

Taking great photos is the first step in achieving high quality images for your Zibbet store. Before you splurge on a professional photographer or a load of fancy equipment, trying taking your own photos – it’s not as difficult as it looks.

If you nail your setup, you can take amazing product photos with a smartphone. Start with a white backdrop; build your own DIY shooting table with some scrap wood, spring clamps, and a roll of white paper or for a larger backdrop, drape a white sheet over something. The idea is to have the backdrop transition seamlessly from the vertical to the horizontal surface. This white backdrop will ensure that your colors are accurate and the product is well-lit.

Indirect sunlight works wonders so take your photos near a window. If you find that your products look overexposed, you can diffuse the light by covering the window with a white sheet or taping paper over it.

White backdrop

Position your product in the centre of the backdrop facing the camera, with the window on the left or right. As you will only have light hitting your product from one side, you’ll need a fill light on the other side to balance out the lighting and prevent harsh shadows. You can buy a reflector or create your own fill light by folding a piece of white card in half.



2. Remove the background

The background of a product image shouldn’t conflict with or distract the viewer from the product. Keep it simple and let your products do the talking by removing the background and placing the products on pure white. This will give your photos that extra professional touch, bring out the color and shape of your products, and help your products stand out amongst other Zibbet listings.

You should also try to minimize the amount of empty space around the product – a good product image is one where the product is centered and takes up 80-90% of the canvas. You have to remember that your product will first be displayed as a small thumbnail, so you need to make use of the space you have.

remove the background


3. Make them BIG

An effective zoom function is a great way to improve your potential customer’s online shopping experience and ultimately increase your Zibbet sales. An important thing to understand about zoom functions is that when you zoom, you’re actually viewing the image at it’s original base image size, i.e. the size of the image you directly uploaded to your Zibbet store. This base image is automatically resized to Zibbet’s product image templates for you.

For each of your Zibbet listings, the product image template is 690px wide on the individual listing page when viewed on full screen web browser (Zibbet’s responsive web design means that this template changes if you resize your browser window). The length varies and is based on the height to width ratio of the original image. Your base image needs to be significantly larger for this as to give the impression of ‘zooming’ in.


4. Choose the Right Hero Image

Your hero image is the photo that represents the entire listing, both on your store and amongst Zibbet search results, and the first one determines if they will click through to the product’s page.

If you’ve only just started your eCommerce store and are using the free version of Zibbet, you can only have one image per product listing, so make sure it’s a great one! If you’ve upgraded to a Starter, Pro or Unlimited account, you’ll be able to add multiple photos, which is a great way to help the viewer get a clear image of the product in their mind. However, you’ll still need an appropriate hero shot.

A good hero image needs to clearly show off the product. Avoid using close-ups, in-context shots, or any photos that’ll require the viewer to click through to the listing to figure out what the product actually is. Your best option is usually a front-on shot but this will depend on the product itself. For example, shoes are best shot from the side, and plates are best shot from above.

I suggest base images that are around 1600px on the longest side. This size is perfect for the zoom function and will ensure that your product images are optimized for mobile.

hero image

If you nail your photoshoot and optimize your product images for eCommerce, you’ll be sure to see an increase in your Zibbet sales. Remember that when you’re starting out, sales don’t happen overnight. You’ll just need to be patient and really keep an eye out for what works, and what doesn’t. If you have any questions, comment below and I’ll do my best to help you out.