I’m a little envious of people that work in retail. Their customers can simply walk in, touch, feel and try the products on display. We e-commercers may be store owners, but a key part of our job, if to compare, is closer to that of a window display designer.

Although the traffic we bring in is only seeing our products (and not even physically), on a deeper scale they’re actually experiencing them. Sight is the only sense they have to use for evaluation. Embracing this insight will allow you to develop the approach you must adopt in order to connect with your target audience and make your register ring.

What we do here is defined as “visually driven commerce”. Online shopping is an image rich experience. It’s a no brainer why visuals are more than intriguing. Thousands of studies have been conducted on trying to predict human behavior and how to steer the results to where we want them.

Dream of conversions through the roof?

Here are the key factors you need to be aware of:



With the above mentioned regarding visual judgment, comes that big B word that’s so casually dropped. Branding is creating a unique image for a product in the consumers mind. Good branding will differentiate you from others in your field and create a significant presence that will attract and retain customers.

Branding is a very broad field, encompassing everything from name and slogan, to the color scheme you choose, the fonts, tone of voice, type of pictures, logo and even product design.

It’s a matter of taste, and nobody has cracked the secret recipe to successful branding. While everything discussed in this post fits under the category of branding, the most important factor is consistency.

We invest heaps of resources in order to earn trust. Can you trust someone that changes their mind all the time? Make a choice and stick with it. On the contrary though, do consider that you need to reinvent yourself from time to time.



My my how much I can write on this subject… But I’m not going to. Mainly to exemplify the key rule in writing: keep it short and direct.

In your case, it probably comes down to product titles and descriptions. So here are 3 things to keep in mind when writing them out:

  1. Get their attention
  2. Get your message across
  3. Call them to action

Do this in the most concise and easy way possible.

Wording is so important that if you’re not good at it, pay someone to do it right.



When buying, shooting, drawing, designing or whatever images you may select to upload to your listing, keep these in mind:



Whether visual or vibe, ask yourself (and others) what feelings arise from the image. Is it positive? Does it make you feel good in any way? We don’t even know it but we use a million micro-sensors in those crucial first seconds when we first encounter something. Though most humans are not in tune with these sensors, we still get a gut feeling, call it intuition, that makes our body physically react in a certain way.

Whether colors, the level of brightness or something funny, choose pictures that convey a good sensation that can let others get a feel for your product without ever touching it. Keep the positive vibes!

A great example is with a shoe company I know. Usually models don’t smile. I guess it’s a fashion thing I’ll never understand. But theirs do, mainly because the message they want to get across is that their shoes are comfortable and they’ll make you feel good. Call it subliminal messaging, but the positive atmosphere works.


Human Touch

People like people. Most of them anyway. Business is all about relationships, and relationships are about trust. How can you trust somebody you’ve never seen, let alone met?

Consider the impact of showing a product in use, from an outfit being worn to a device being operated. You’re not just looking at an image, you’re seeing the product in action. This can and should answer questions that may arise and also provide an additional level of trust towards your brand and what you’re selling.

Photos of real people will make your shop look livelier, your product more trustworthy and your offer more convincing. Consider adding a picture of yourself as well, it creates a human connection, and people prefer buying from real people when given the choice.


Get Creative

A lot of e-commerce platforms demand you use a uniform background color or design template for their site. This means in order to lure prospects and draw them in you’ll need a hook.

The first rule in copywriting is disrupt. Get their attention. We’re drawn to look at things that are new, imaginative, unusual. You don’t have to get crazy. A simple twist will do.

Find a way to differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd.

A good tip is to browse around the platform you’re selling on, see what others are doing, get ideas, and then do something unexpected.


Background Noise

Straight and simple: either good background or no background.

Some platforms like Amazon require a white background as a default, this is to create unity in their site, plus it looks aesthetically pleasing, and it’s also shown to sell well. If you have a nice background – who am I to put it down! – Just consider that it may draw attention away from what you’re trying to sell. Keep it simple.

Oh and here’s a pro tip: you can use Malabi Auto Background Remover. This online tool is as fast and precise (as long as you follow the rules) as it is cost effective. Their platform allows you to drag & drop images and get their background removed in seconds, automatically. Instead of wasting your time on other heavy software or your money on an expensive designer or photo shooting hardware, try it out for free.

Never Settle

A good approach to life in general, but here I’m talking about image quality.

Blurry images? Big no no.

Pixelated pics? Uh uh.

Small size? Go big or go home.

When an image is colorful and sharp, it’s captivating. Large pictures are proven to make people spend more time looking at, mostly because there’s more to take in. Studies have shown time and again that bigger converts better, so as long as you can, make sure to use the highest quality and best resolution you can.


Ok. Go do your thing.

Let me know in the comments if this post was helpful, informative or fun to read.