Here is the bottom line. If you are looking to create a blog that is going to help your creative business grow, you are going to have to invest some time. I not talking about the time it takes to tweak your blog to make it look good, with banners, colors and widgets.

I’m going to be covering topics and article ideas you can use to help grow your blog and drive traffic to your shop.

1. Talk about you and your products

It’s your blog, you made it, and you love it. It is not hard to talk about stuff you love…

  • your latest creation
  • a custom order you made
  • new product line coming out
  • a new tool you bought for your business
  • what inspires you and your work
  • your business goals
  • what you are thankful for
  • your studio space

2. How-to’s and Step-by-Step posts

Your blog is probably one of the BEST places to do that. A How-to craze is happening RIGHT NOW and if you can share how to do something with pictures, people will love it and share it all over social media! One of the more visited blog posts on Handmadeology is a wire wrapped ring tutorial, and a article about building a light box for your product photography.

3. Feature other artists

Like I mentioned last week, when you get other artist and bloggers involved in your articles you are harnessing the power of numbers. If you feature another creative business owner on your blog they will love the exposure and then spread the word around.

Look for sellers with a larger reach than yours, write an article about them, show off their items, and let them know.

4. Host giveaways on your blog

Giveaways drive traffic, to your blog and shop, and can result in paying customers and returning customers.

Quick giveaway tips:

There are two types of giveaways you can run on your blog. The first is one for your own items. This is always a good idea, because you are promoting your own shop. This second is a giveaway for another sellers’ item. This is also a good idea because you are harnessing the promoting reach of another seller. The best case scenario is to hold a giveaway with one of your items, and items from multiple sellers. Either way, you want to pick items that your readers are going to be interested in. Give away your best stuff! My giveaways have been most successful when I giveaway my most popular items. You want your readers, and participators to be excited to win. When they are excited to win the prize, they are willing to jump through some hoops for you.

Why hold a giveaway on your blog, and why give away your items? Giveaways start a buzz and get people talking. They send traffic your way that normally may not be there. Holding a giveaway can get your items in front of more eyes in a shorter period of time then most other methods. Giving away your best stuff can results in more traffic, and more customers. If you want to increase your sales you have to get people to visit your shop and see your items.

Getting the most out of your giveaway is important. Yes you will generate traffic to your blog but you also want people to visit your shop. Remember; get those eyes on your items. The most effective way to get people in your shop from a giveaway is to require a few things from your participators. This is where the Giveaway Traffic Cycle begins!