Zibbet first launched on February 5, 2009. Our mission was the same as it is today…

To help creative entrepreneurs sell more.

What does that mean exactly? Well, we know how hard it is to build a business from scratch. You have to wear so many hats – you’re a photographer, copywriter, accountant, graphic designer and marketer – on top of everything else that your busy life demands of you. And, that’s before you’ve even gotten your first customer!

It’s tough to turn your passion into a business.

Zibbet exists to make that easier – Our goal is to save you time and help you to make more sales. It’s as simple as that.

If we’re being completely honest, we feel as though we’ve failed on this mission so far. To be fair, we’ve made great progress – we’ve built one of the top marketplaces for buying and selling handmade goods, and we’ve created a pretty neat website builder too.

But, there’s so much more we can and want to do.

Creative commerce has changed

As an industry, creative commerce has changed a lot. eBay was once the only viable place to sell your handmade products, and then along came Etsy. Fast forward to today and there’s now an abundance of relevant marketplaces for you to sell on. Each have their own unique audience of shoppers.

As we’ve discussed in the past, your products need to be listed across as many of these marketplaces as you can manage. It should be an essential part of your marketing strategy.


Marketplaces have in-built buyer traffic, giving you direct access to the largest customer bases in the world. The stats also show that the more sales channels you sell on, the more sales you’ll make.

The challenges of multi-channel selling

The hardest part about having a multi-channel selling strategy is that it’s near impossible to manage your products effectively across so many different sales channels.

Take just one example… When you make a sale on one channel, you need to go and update your inventory levels, one-by-one, across everywhere else you sell. For most sellers, it’s important their inventory remains accurate to prevent overselling. This is a manual process that takes time and often needs to be done multiple times a day for some sellers.

It’s such a waste of your precious time that could be spent on other business activities, or even better, making your next masterpiece! And, we haven’t even touched on the many other time-sucking chores that come with multi-channel selling.

The fact that multi-channel selling is really hard, deters sellers from doing it, even though the stats say it’ll bring them more sales. We knew we needed to change that.

Introducing the new Zibbet

Imagine a world where you can sell on:

  • Etsy
  • Amazon Handmade
  • eBay
  • Your own stand-alone website (powered by Shopify, Weebly, Big Cartel etc)
  • Your Instagram feed
  • Offline at your local markets
  • Plus many more channels…

… and your products and orders for all of these channels are easily managed, all from the one place.

That’s the exciting future we’re creating at Zibbet.

With the new Zibbet, you’ll be able to…

Keep your inventory in sync automatically
As mentioned, keeping track of your inventory across multiple channels is not only time consuming, but also prone to error. Zibbet will keep your stock levels in perfect sync by tracking every sale you make and automatically updating your inventory everywhere you sell.

Make product changes once
You’ll be able to list a product once and publish it across everywhere you sell, all from Zibbet. If you need to make a change to your listing, such as updating a photo, title, price etc, you can do this all from Zibbet. And, the best part? You only need to do it once and it’s updated everywhere.

Manage orders in one place
When you make a sale on any connected sales channel, the order details are automatically imported into Zibbet. You can manage and fulfill orders from the one place, instead of having them scattered across so many different places.

Launch and beyond

At launch, we will have the following sales channels:

  • Etsy
  • Zibbet Marketplace
  • Stitch Websites (currently known as Zibbet’s website builder)

In the near future we’ll be launching a brand new sales channel that will be exclusive to Zibbet. More details to come, but for now we can reveal that it’s in partnership with leading arts and crafts retailer, A.C. Moore.

We’ll continue to grow our ecosystem of sales channels post-launch. Pretty soon, no matter where you sell, you’ll be able to manage it all via Zibbet.

We’ll keep you updated on our progress. Spread the word. A better way to grow your creative business is coming!

Frequently asked questions

Here’s some questions you might have regarding the upcoming changes…

Why is Zibbet changing?
The short version is simply that selling online for creative entrepreneurs has changed a lot over the years. There’s now so many great marketplaces out there to sell on, which brings great exposure and sales. The time-consuming nature of multi-channel selling prevents sellers from doing so, therefore limiting their sales and growth potential. We’re building a better way to manage and grow your creative business by making it easier than ever to sell across multiple sales channels.

What is a sales channel?
When we refer to a sales channel, we simply mean somewhere that you can sell your products. For example, Etsy is a sales channel. If you have a website built with Shopify, that’s a sales channel too. Over time, we’ll have a whole ecosystem of sales channels that you can manage all via the Zibbet platform.

Will there be any impact to my Zibbet Marketplace store and Zibbet Website?
You can continue to sell on the Zibbet Marketplace and your Zibbet Website as normal. You can think of these as two sales channels amongst many other sales channels you will be able to sell on via the new Zibbet platform.

Will it be more complicated to have a store on Zibbet?
We know that conceptually it can be confusing to think about how this will all work. But, once you can see, use and experience the new Zibbet, we know that you’ll think it’s easier than ever to have a store on Zibbet. But, not just one store… everywhere you sell will one day be able to be managed via Zibbet. Our goal is to make selling easier than ever before. We won’t stop working towards that goal.

Will I still have access to all the features I have today on Zibbet?
Absolutely! All the features you currently enjoy aren’t going anywhere. In fact, there will be even more new features available. 😊

What happens if I don’t want to sell on Etsy (and/or future sales channels)?
That’s completely up to you. You won’t be forced to manage your Etsy store (or future sales channels) via Zibbet.

Do I need to re-add my products to the new Zibbet platform?
There’s nothing you need to do to prepare for launch. We will have all of your products in there ready to go.

Will I have access to my old orders?
Yes, you’ll still have access to all of your previous order details.

Is Zibbet’s pricing model changing with all of these new features?
Yes, it will be. You may be surprised to hear that what we have today on our Unlimited plan is actually going to become 40% cheaper! We’ll communicate more about our new pricing model as we get closer to launch, including how you will be grandfathered in as a legacy Zibbet member. As always, we’re committed to simple and fair pricing that’s affordable for all sellers, no matter where you are in your selling journey.

When will you be launching?
Launch is scheduled for early 2019. We will reveal an exact launch date very soon. As a Zibbet member, you’ll have early access to the new platform before anyone else.

Is there anywhere I can get more information about the new Zibbet platform?
We’ll be releasing more information in the lead up to launch. If you have any questions in the meantime, please add it in the comments section below, or email us directly at support@zibbet.com.