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I'm a wife, mother, grandma and great grandma.
My Hubby is my biggest fan and supporter..

Born and raised in So.Calif. Only been away for a 3 yr. period.

I have always loved crafts. In school, many years ago, my favorite subjects were art and crafts.. At this time of my life, I absolutely love the creating and making of Jewelry.. My favorite beads to work with are gemstone, the rock type not the glitzy ones.. Gemstones tell a story with each turn of a stone. I let them tell me what goes best with them.. I accomplish this by trial and error, I never close earring wires or necklace ends till I'm absolutely happy with the creation..

My latest joy that I started a few years go now, is working with polymer clay.... I'm having a blast learning new techniques and creating my own truly handmade beads to create my jewelry... I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I am making them...


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My support team....
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When I resupply it's like Christmas morning for me.. New gemstones, crystals & more metal items too.
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Mokume cane pendant necklace and earring set...
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Handmade beads of polymer clay for this necklace, matching earrings available...
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Part of my new clay pendant line...
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San Bernardino, CA, USA