Welcome to my store, Broken Hallelujah Accesories. I'm Brandy and I've been running Broken Hallelujah for several years now on Etsy and elsewhere on the net.

Broken Hallelujah offers affordable, modern crochet designs. This isn't your grandma's crochet! Everything is handmade by me using quality, durable yarns. I taught myself to crochet in college using web videos and tutorials and have been going strong ever since. The budget of a college student is tight, though, so to earn a little extra money to keep up the hobby I began selling on Etsy and just love shipping my items off to new places.

The name Broken Hallelujah was adopted from one of my favorite songs simply titled Hallelujah. I choose the name because, well, I was young and romantic and it sounded pretty. But I get so many compliments on it I don't regret the decision.

Custom orders are always welcome! I love to do custom slippers in your choice of color and size. I usually request payment of custom orders once the item has been finished. Once I receive the payment I will ship the item to any address you specify. If a customer pays by check or money order for a custom order I will require the money before I will begin a pair of slippers to allow time for the money to clear accounts. If you are interested in custom orders, just send me an email at endlessxhorizon (at) gmail.com or send me a convo on etsy and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.