Get Found: SEO For Creatives

You’ve worked hard to hone your craft. Your work deserves to be seen. Get Found: SEO For Creatives is a free online course that will help put your creations in front of more people.

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You’ll receive 4 lessons for a month. Each lesson focuses on a practical SEO strategy that you can use to make more sales.

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Lesson 1: Keywords & Customers

Learn why SEO matters and everything you need to know to get started. Dig into your customer’s brain and find out what words and phrases they’re using to look for products like yours.

Lesson 2: SEO for Marketplaces

Get found on Craft Marketplaces like Zibbet and Etsy. Nail your product titles, descriptions, tags and make sure that your creations never float to the bottom of a marketplace again.

Lesson 3: SEO for Websites

Optimize your website (and other channels) for both search engines and humans. In this lesson you’ll focus on SEO for your web pages and getting your shop found on Google.

Lesson 4: Links Links Links

The more people talk about you, your shop and your products, the more likely search engines will favor you. Learn strategies to encourage other people to talk about you, share your work and link back to your shop.

About Your Mentor

Jonathan Peacock is the Co-Founder and CEO of Zibbet. Jonathan has a passion for turning makers into successful sellers and entrepreneurs.

You’ll be learning the strategies that Jonathan has used to help handmade sellers make more sales online.