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Welcome to Edgewood Garden Studio

Thanks for checking out Edgewood Garden Studio! Edgewood Garden is our home in Western Washington, under the gaze of Mt. Rainer, where we garden, spin, weave, paint, and create in a number of mediums. Mike and I are committed to a “close to nature” pantry and lifestyle. We live with our chickens, koi, German Shepherds and have had sheep, goats, and rabbits in the past. You can visit the garden here and read my ever so occasional blog: http://www.edgewoodgarden.com

Retired now, I have been a professional artist and teacher in a number of mediums including: etched glass, weaving, watercolor and colored pencil. Fibers and textiles have always been a special passion. I learned to knit Latvian mittens at my grandmother’s knee and never stopped playing with yarn. Currently, I have eight spinning wheels, though mostly I use my trusty 30-year companion, a single-treadle Lendrum wheel. For weaving, I work on a Harrisville or Macomber loom. Unless otherwise noted, I dye my own wool, silk, alpaca, etc., with professional steam-set Jacquard, Dupont, or Dharma acid dyes.

I also want to credit and thank Mike for being such a steadfast helpmate in both my life and my shop. He dashes to the post office, hunches over the computer, mixes dyes, orders wool, fixes spelling errors, fact checks, prints labels, cooks magnificently and generally keeps the place going while I am sitting at my spinning wheel.

I find great pleasure and fulfillment in creating fine handmade items and I hope that you enjoy using my yarns and rovings in your knitting, felting, weaving and spinning projects.

Be sure to visit our standalone web shop for more of our yarns and fibers, at http://edgewoodgardenstudio.com.


Edgewood, WA, USA