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Treasures for sale!

I think that the things you love should last forever. I create and construct with that thought in mind - from art to sewing, painting and wire work, I take great pride in remaking things to be whole and useful, to take what has value and find its' beauty, and to share that appreciation and creativity with you.
I am aware that my photos are bad. I am not going to spend the time retaking them before listing them, especially since most of the jewelry is very clearanced on price. I just want it to be loved, so it's going on sale. I will do it later, I just need to list them! :)

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Jewelry Wrap Demo, highlight and go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZnE-jrJmwo
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Mini wraps vary in size, having 6-12 pockets each, perfect for purse or bag.
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Wishes for you
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Palmer, AK 99645, USA