Large or tall woman! Tired of wimpy itsy bitsy fine jewelry?

As a large and tall woman I grew tired of jewelry with small looks, or that had lengths so short they gave me a skimpy look.

Large, full figured and tall women, have a generous "canvas" upon which to create a look. Clothes as well as jewelry and other accessories help contour and define lines, accentuating some, minimizing others. The jewelry designs by For, Women of Substance, are intended as an ensemble. Designed for the unique needs of larger and taller women, they contribute a more robust pallet to properly accent and finish the "canvas."

My main on-line store is at where THE BLOG, a feature of the store, provides helpful suggestions on styles and trends. I also have an etsy store at --all three stores carry different jewelry products. Also, please visit my pinterest site at


Franklin, TN