So many beads, so little time!

I am originally from South Africa, but I have now been living in England half my life. I aspire to create beautiful things which is why I find making jewellery so appealing - it is unashamedly supposed to be pretty. :)

I have a BA in Computer Arts where I learned to work digitally with photo manipulation and 3D and I also paint with traditional media (oils/pastels) and work in other media such as stained glass.

In 2009, while browsing the internet, I stumbled across a page of intricate polymer clay millefiori pendants. I was instantly hooked and wanted to know how such colour and detail was achieved. Here was a material that could combine colour, texture and sculptural possibilities!

I began making custom buttons for a multi-coloured cardigan I was knitting, then Christmas gifts for my family, then birthdays... then my family began asking me to make items as gifts for their friends. Soon I had more jewellery than I could use...

Now I'm a compulsive bead maker, exploring different beading techniques to feature the beads I make.


Ingleton, Carnforth, North Yorkshire LA6, UK