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We have FOOD-GRADE SILICONE MOLDS. Read details below.
Now there are 3 types of silicone molds in our shops:
- standard ( for polymer clay and other materials)
- silicone of class A (for epoxy resin and other materials)
- food-grade silicone (for food and other materials)
Price of food-grade silicone mold = price of silicone of class A
Price of standard mold, but made from silicone of class A or food-grade silicone = price of the mold + 25%.
For example, if cameo mold made of standard silicone costs $5 the same mold, but made
from silicone of class A or food-grade silicone will cost $6.25.
Description of food-grade silicon
elastic silicone with a platinum catalyst. Non-toxic!
There is plenty of variants of usage: food, soap, plaster, wax, polyester and epoxy resins, alkalis etc. Resistant to aggressive environment.
The basic principles of work with silicon forms:
- Wash forms with soft sponge and soap and let them dry before using
- Don’t use sharps in work with molds.
If you want to buy molds just write a message to us!


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