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Hello and welcome to my offset to my Garden of Shadows Store for Cosmetics. Ironically it seems natural that I'm making eyeshadows in the "Garden Of Shadows"! This isn't strictly a mineral makeup store though they are my roots. I hope you enjoy what I love!

All products are handmade including formulas, labelling and graphics. I love making bright, pigmented and unique products!

You can find Garden of Shadows here or at:
Twitter for updates:

Shipping details

Shipping is a handy FLAT RATE for purchasing multiple items!

Update 2/Nov/2012: Australia Post has increased both costs and shipping times. Because of a removal of price bracket for international items the new costs account for a minimum 500gm bracket price rather that the previous 250gm bracket. Shipping times also increase by 4 days within Australia. We will be looking for ways to reduce prices if possible in the future.

We use Australia Post to ship. Typically shipping within Australia takes 7-9 business days, international takes about 10-14 business days. Aus Post is closed on weekends and holidays so we only ship weekdays. During November/December holiday season and New Year shipping may be slightly extended due to postal services being overwhelmed.

We hold no responsibility for customs fees incurred through your country's customs institutions, and for lost or damaged packages due to postal services. We will not resend/replace for lost/damaged packages unless you repurchase it. If you are worried about losing or receiving damaged packages I urge you to purchase postal insurance or tracking (let us know so that we can bill you).

Please remember that Turn around time (TAT) does not include the time it takes for your package to ship and arrive to you (as I have no control over postal services and customs).

Refunds, returns & exchanges

There are no refunds, returns or exchanges due to the nature of these products. If you have any questions or problems it's best to contact us.

Additional information

We always recommend primer under my eyeshadows to get the most of vibrancy, shimmer, sparkle and longevity! If you are making up your face do your eyes first, cleaning up if needed and then move onto doing the rest of the face and foundation.

Some items may be made to order instead of in stock but we try our best to create products with the TAT timeframe.

Information about our Pressed Products:
All of our pressed products are formulated and made by hand. We strive to make the most of the colour we are making so each formula is different. Some will have different textures to others: they may be more delicate, more compact, creamier, prone to fallout, etc. We don't offer any samples at the moment as smaller sizing can change the performance of the product even with the same formula!

Ingredients are subject to change. I like to improve on formulas so changes may be necessary before I update the listings.

Colour disclaimer:
Most of our colours are described in a poetic fashion. They are imaginative and not literal apart from colours stated in the descriptions. What that means is for example, Starling is described as "soars ruffled in a colour changing inky coat of ultra shimmery cobalts, cyans and ruby royal hues." It won't actually fly, and doesn't actually have a feathery coat ;-D but it does have cyan, cobalt and ruby red colour changing shimmer!

Please take in mind that this is not a large business, it's a personal part-hobby venture pouring love into with available spare time. When things get busy or I'm away I'll always make a note on my blog or store front.
You can also contact me through if you can't seem to get through to me here!

Thanks for reading!